Monday, March 03, 2008

The Big Melt

Welcome March! It's in the mid 50's today and Ole Man Winter is taking a beating. I've seen several slumped, defeated Frosty's in my neighbor's yards. As Nelson from the Simpson's would say, "Ha Ha".

Of course, we could get another wintry blast any day now. For now, though, I'm delighting in another sign of spring. For the past several years, I've noticed that my mood is directly related to the thermometer. The hotter the better. Why do I live in Michigan? A question I've asked myself often...

Unfortunately, this big melt has come a day late. My run yesterday morning was completed on less than desirable running surfaces. The sidewalk was either:

(a) a big slushy pool of water soaking my foot to the ankle -or-
(b) a solid sheet of ice that froze over night from the previous days thaw -or-
(c) three inches of loose snow in an area that doesn't get direct sunlight.

Take your pick. I ran from one of these conditions into the next often going through all three in a short 1/4 mile span.

My knees are paying for it today. I think running on loose snow is the worst. It's like trying to run across beach sand. Your feet give a little out to the side with each step increasing the torque on your knees. I sat with an ice bag on my right knee last evening. I have a nice limp today. Ole Man Winter is not going down without a fight. It's taking my knees hostage.

Last year, Boston received a nice blizzard the day of the marathon. Don't think I haven't forgotten that either.

10.6 miles
7:27 pace

Congratulations to my friend Phil who completed the Little Rock Half Marathon over the weekend. One of these years, my wife and I will make it down to visit/run this race.

On a completely unrelated note, has anyone seen the flick Michael Clayton? It was up for Best Picture and, frankly, I found it boring. My wife fell asleep and I had to fight the urge myself. I'm not one that needs explosions or car chases to entertain me either. I found the whole thing pretty predictable and bland. I guess I didn't "get" what all the hype was about.

I guess I shouldn't go through the trouble of reviewing movies though after featuring Meatballs prominently in my last post. Me = credibility all shot to hell!

Happy trails.


Doug said...

We just got a big thaw down in Kentucky, too. It went from 30's to 60's in the past couple days; absolutely amazing! Old man winter is going to fight back a little bit this week, but I don't think he has much left!

You asked about my 5k training, too. Here is a brief answer. Right now, I'm actually training for a half marathon. I like to run long on Saturday (~10 miles) and do a tempo run on Tuesday with 3-6 miles at ~85% max HR. I think my cross training has been huge, too. Cycling has made my legs feel worlds stronger, especially on hills. I'll try to give more details in a post in the near future.

L*I*S*A said...

Here's hoping that Old Man Winter is ready to leave. I'm over it. It was great to get outside today and run while the temps were in the mid-50's!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Dang, I fought that same exact running surface. It was so tiring. And my knee didn't like it either.

aham23 said...

good to know i can skip that movie. thanks for the review :).