Sunday, March 30, 2008

Boston T(e)aper Party

Taper....Tea...get it? It's a stretch but it's there if you want to see it. I'm in full blown Boston taper mode at this very moment.

The last 20 mile long run is complete. I'm wiped but my calves, hamstring, knees and everything else seem to be in agreement that it went okay though.

I don't have the desire to post anything with my normal, well received timeless humor.

Too tired for tales of whimsy and romance.

That'll come on Monday. Dick Beardsley, you better be ready.

Garmin says:

20.0 miles
2:29:22 time
7:28 pace


Reid said...

Just came across your blog. Looks like your Boston training is going well. Maybe I'll see you there. I also did my last long run yesterday. Didn't go as well as hoped. I think I'm definitely ready for my taper. Good luck with your last few weeks of training.

Kristina Pinto said...

Yee-haw! I did mine today too--on those bastard Newton hills. Happy tapering!

The Laminator said...

Great pace! I think you are ready to tackle Boston! Enjoy the taper.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Nice work. Glad you made it through intact with no injuries.