Tuesday, February 26, 2008

February Sucks (and other musings)

It's almost over. The worst month of the year is ending.

Besides running issues, February is the epicenter of the mid winter blahs around our house. I love how you get a few inches of snow, followed by a thaw and some sun, then - YOINK! - another couple inches of snow again. Cruel, cruel, cruel...
As Sinclair Lewis so aptly put it: "Winter is not a season, it's an occupation."
However, my Wii tennis and bowling skills have become really strong over the last several weeks stuck inside the house. So, I have that going for me.
Anyone remember the film Meatballs? Really, pretty bad. I caught this on cable over the weekend. But I did appreciate the trip down memory lane with the lovable, stereotypical nerd, Spaz. Who could forget Spaz?

Also, congratulations to Rudy for winning the intercamp Olympiad trail race at the end of the film. Bet you don't consider Meatballs a running film do you?
This past Sunday, I tackled 13 miles for my longest run since the Goofy Challenge in my slow, behind schedule build up to Boston.
13.03 miles
1:37:54 time
7:31 pace
This is cutback week for me. Really, about the only one in the schedule. From here on out, it is full steam ahead towards April 21st!

Happy trails.


Doug said...

I agree, Ma Nature is being a huge tease this February. Every time it warms up I'm (not so) secretly hoping this is the thaw that ends winter.

Once again, I'm convincing myself that this weekend will be 'The Thaw'. We're looking at a high of 59 degrees on Monday. One of these times, I'm going to be right. Eventually.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

February does totally suck.

You can probably take me in tennis but I bowl with the best of them. C'mon... anytime.... Let's go....

We've also been catching up on the early seasons of House. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Funny, in the official Steers half marathon debut, I ran it slower than your training run as I ran at a 7:34 clip finishing in 1:39:09.


p.s. the logo looked great on the back of my singlet.

Mir said...

I agree--February, for being the shortest month of the year, sure does seem like the longest. Days upon days of cold, miserable weather and if I hear about another "wintry mix" coming our way I am going to scream. Spring, where are you?

nwgdc said...

that's a very respectable time for the amount of training you've gotten. your fitness baseline is just fine. i'm looking forward to warm weather and the buildup to boston!

Anonymous said...


Shoot me an email

((glares at Lukie for not asking Nitmos to email me after making the request 3-5 times))


Fun Guv said...

In Luki's defense his entire email inbox got wiped out a couple of days ago and we have no idea why...must get computer wiped clean and start all over. Plus he's been putting in 10-12 hour days at the office, he rarely sees the computer here at home.

Russ said...

especially when it has 29 days and the last one presents us with yet another crappy snow filled day!...but on the bright side, the 1st week of march looks to have some 40 degree weather.

sRod said...

I'm another anti-Februarian. Makes me miss home (FL) a lot.

I've gotten really far in Super Mario Galaxy, but Presidents' Day is a waste (unless you go skiing). Why couldn't Presidents' Day be in August, where there are no holidays?