Monday, March 10, 2008

Staring Down the Barrel

So I awoke this morning and rolled out of bed and almost hit the floor. Normally, I don't have to consciously order "legs activate!" They do it on their own. I'm feeling the after effects of yesterday's 15 miler (and the rest of the day house painting).

My knees are sore. Not long term, debilitating sore. But 'oh-you-gave-me-a-pounding' sore. The pavement is unforgiving this time of year.

Did I really write a post about the benefits and general injury-freeness (it's a word, trust me) of Chi Running??

Actually, I have been quietly dealing with a right IT band achiness for the past few weeks but this area is really not very sore this morning. So, things are not a total loss. It had been killing me after recent 5 and 7 mile runs but not so much after this 15 miler. It could be that my different running technique is alleviating some pressure. Or it could be that I switched to shoes with quite a few less miles on them. Inevitably, when I start feeling leg soreness, the shoes are the culprit. One of these times, I'll switch the shoes out before this happens. But, shoes cost money and I want to soak every last mile I can out of them. I'm currently rotating three old pair in this training season. There's a couple miles left in all of them somewhere. And, really, once a pair sits for a week it magically adds a couple more miles doesn't it?

Yesterdays' run was my first in a long time in the redesigned Asics 2120's. I had been using the 2110's which were great shoes. The 20's have a stiffer mid sole. I'm not a fan. I may look at some Nimbus's next.

All in all, I was pretty happy with how the run went. I tried to hold a consistent 7:30/pace and just relax and practice some Chi running techniques. I was surprised to find myself wearing down around the 12 mile mark but, considering the wind and 5 lbs of clothing I was wearing, I managed alright.

15.01 miles
1:52:03 time
7:28 pace

I'm staring down the barrel of my training plan gun. This is the start of my maximum mileage weeks. As I've mentioned, I'm going to take it a wee bit easier in the build up to Boston to be a little fresher on race day. However, these next 3 weeks is where the big long runs will be run. This weekend, a nice 19 miler is planned. I'll try to remember to issue the Engage Legs command before rolling out of bed next Monday.

If there is a running God, I pray to thee:

Please make winter go away
Please send some 40+ temperature days
Please make the frozen ground thaw
Please redirect the wind elsewhere
Your humble servant.

Six weeks to Boston!


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Don't push those shoes too far. You're in the thick of it with miles and you need to stay healthy. What's a pair of shoes if it gets you to Boston in one piece? :D

I know what you mean about letting them sit though and they have some more miles in them. Mine has been that I didn't want to muck up the new ones too bad in crappy weather. :D

Good luck with these weeks. You are going to do great!!!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

I hear Vanilla at Half Fast is in the market for an Arch Nemesis. I nominated you. You're fast and you're witty. I'm not sure if you have a mean bone in your body, but I thought you might be able to give him a hard time. :D

When I said I was going to try a tri, my nemesis (Scott Keeps Running) asked me if I had made out a will!!! :D

aham23 said...

the foam roller, while painful, has given my IT band issues great relief.

next time, fire up the legs before rolling out of bed :).


Anonymous said...

The Asics 2110 must be the official shoe of the Steers Distance Project as I am training in my 4th pair of that model as we speak.


nwgdc said...

i loved the poem/prayer...just when i thought it might rhyme, you follow up "thaw" with "elsewhere." not that i don' disagree with your thoughts about old man winter. i just keep telling myself this is making me uber tough come august...right?

L*I*S*A said...

You are doing a great job and doing the Steers proud!!

Velma said...

Great blog. I admire you for gutting out the long Michigan winter. As a former resident of Okemos, I feel your pain. Keep it up!