Thursday, December 27, 2007

Holiday Taper

A first for me...taper, Christmas, New Years....MARATHON!! (oh, and half marathon also).

Santa was at my house. Hopefully, not the raging, roidin', virulent, Satan Santa shown in the picture below. Nothing was smashed or stolen. I think we must have gotten a visit from the friendlier looking one.

The kids are Wii bowling their little hearts out. My son rises 2 hours before anyone else so he can get his fill of Guitar Hero in before anyone wakes up.

I'm in Taper-Try-Not-To-Get-Fat-Eating-Snacks-While-Preparing-For-My-Marathon mode.

Last Sunday's 20 miler was done, sadly, on the treadmill. I was intending to run outside. The snow had melted the day before. Sidewalks clear. When I stepped outside at 9 AM however, there was a a strong, cold wind blowing. After debate and opting on the side of wimpery, I headed to the gym and the mill.

I capped off my peak training week with 40 miles last week.

10 on Saturday outside.
20 on Sunday inside.

Again, the Goofy Challenge totals 39.33 miles over 2 days. This past weekend's simulation was 76.3% of that total (30 miles divided by 39.33).

The last 25% will have to be purely grinding it out. Should be interesting.

Hope everyone received a visit from friendly Santa.

Happy trails.


Mojo said...

I'm just getting in to running and was looking through some running blogs and found yours. Good luck with the tapering! And I just can't get enough wii bowling...think that could count as weight training? (i've got guitar hero coming in the mail this week...hopefully I'll still have motivation to run after its arrival!)

Non-Runner Nancy said...

WOW, you're tapering already. Congrats. The hard work is done. I can't wait to hear about it.

We love Wii and Guitar Hero. My son loves all the games but also just loves to sit and make little Mii's. Have they boxed yet? My little guy actually falls down when his character gets knocked down. It's hilarious and breaks your heart at the same time. Such good clean active fun!!

BTW, I think I like good old goofy Santa over that other one. :D

Happy 2008!!

nwgdc said...

i'm not sure i'd call 20 miles on a treadmill "wimpy." that's some serious miles without going anywhere! i'm really excited to hear about this--it's near the top of my "to do" list!

L*I*S*A said...

All tedious calculations aside, I'm sure you'll do very well in Mickey's Crib.

sRod said...

I love your math. Hope the tapering continues to go well.