Monday, December 03, 2007

Dreading the Mill

My cherry was popped.

On the treadmill, that is. I went 36 years and over 8 months before stepping foot on the evil "dreadmill" as I see it referred to by others. But yesterday's freezing ice/rain made it near impossible to run outside. I had to get my miles in. Normally, if the conditions are just too harsh, I skip the run and reschedule for the following day. However, for this training session, I'm intent on getting back to back workouts in to simulate the Goofy Challenge. I needs to get my miles in on schedule!

After Saturday's 8+ miles (8.22 miles @ 7:12 pace) on a clear snow less day, I watched the storm roll in that evening and knew Sunday was in jeopardy.

Sure enough, Sunday saw that sidewalks and roads covered in a nice thin sheet of ice. Rain pelting down. I'm up for running in some less than desirable conditions. But ice skating without skates? In the rain? No thanks.

I needed my miles though.

No choice. Time to head for the gym and the treadmills.

I've never been on one before. Frankly, I didn't even know how to work it. I stood there trying to look cool quietly checking everyone out to pick up some tips. I turned it on. And started walking. And walking. How do you get this thing to go faster? I didn't want set it too high and then zip off the back crashing into the mill behind me. I've seen that in movies.

Finally, I figured it out and started moving. After a couple of minutes, I got the hang of it and let go of the side rails. And off I went.

16 miles and a couple of hours later, I was done. It really wasn't that bad except I stopped on 2 occasions to get some water and was completely dizzy while trying to walk away from the machine. It felt like the floor was still moving. Weird.

I had it set to 8 minute miles (7.5 mph). I really felt like the thing was going much faster than that though. I felt like I was going at my normal outdoor pace which would have been around 7:40/mile for this type of run. Probably just a dreadmill newbie getting used to the idiosyncrasies of a hamster wheel.

24+ miles for the weekend. 61.5% of the Goofy Challenge total.

This week will be a cutback week. I'll lay off the back to back weekend workouts and my long run will only be 13 miles. Hopefully, the weather will be okay.

Happy trails.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

That was quite a streak you had going there. A treadmill Virgin. Also, quite a first attempt. If you can run for 2 hours on that thing, you can do anything.

nwgdc said...

i'm excited to hear more about the goofy's on my list...then again, what race in the western hemisphere isn't? i need to edit that thing.

L*I*S*A said...

No, I always feel that way on the hamster wheel. It always feels much faster than when I'm on the road.

Great job!!

Mir said...

Hahaha, I can totally relate to trying to look cool and nonchalant as you try not to fall and/or look stupid while working the stupid treadmill. Luckily the very first time I tried one was in a hotel and no one else was around.

I am in awe of your maiden treadmill run though! I don't have the mental strength to run "in place" that far. You rock!

Kim said...

I think the Dread feels faster b/c on an outside run you can allow your pace to fluctuate throughout the mile. On the Dread, you're commited to the pace, so you can't slow a bit or speed up either.

-Friend of Passmore