Thursday, December 13, 2007

Enough of the Whiny!

First of all, is that how you spell whiny? It's not a word I use often. Like persnickety. When did that go out of common lexicon?

You know what the funniest word is? Akimbo.

a'kim'bo (adjective)(adverb) "with the hands on the hips and the elbows turned outward"

I love that word. Try using it next time your spouse puts her hands on his/her hips in anger or frustration. Smile and say "Why are you standing there akimbo?"

Argument diffused!

But I digress.

In reading through recent posts, I've noticed I've become a bit whiny about recent leg issues. It's got to stop. And it is. Right now. Until further notice, unless I suffer from a serious injury setback, you will not hear any more complaints about various nagging muscle aches. It's part of the territory. I'll deal and move on.

I'm halfway through a landmark Goofy Challenge trial run. I rolled out of bed early, for me, and hit the road by 6:20 A.M. Nine miles later, I'm back and in the shower ready to get the kids to school. No worries, the lovely Mrs. Nitmos was home with the kids. As far as you know.

Tomorrow morning, I have the day off from work and will complete 18 more miles by lunch time. That's 27 of 39 1/3 miles. I feel like this will really tell me how prepared I am for this challenge. Again, speed is not a factor. Purely endurance. I have slowed my training pace back nearly 20 seconds per mile to accommodate this strategy.

Those 18 miles may - MAY - be done on the mill. I haven't decided yet. We'll see how much I feel like slipping around on sidewalks tomorrow.

Enjoy the release of baseball's Mitchell report today. We'll see what roided out freaks have been accepting applause and money under false pretenses over the last few years.

Alas, I'm feeling a bit persnickety(!) today.

Happy trails.


Russ said...

don't you mean the clemens report as that is only name i hear on radio for most part.

aham23 said...

great, so i will be the only whiny inujured runner now!?! :)