Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The BIG Week

Mileage wise, that is.

This is the week where I max out my long run and total mpw. I'm 3.5 weeks from the big event(s). Mentally, it's always nice to get this week behind me. I'll start feeling like the bulk of the training has been accomplished and I can start relaxing a bit.

Of course, the big mileage week is also hitting along with the first snow dump of the year. How nice.

Today on the way in to work, I literally did a 360 spin after gently (I thought) applying the brakes. Luckily, there was no oncoming traffic in the other lane.

The plan for this week:

Monday: 5 miles (completed)
Wednesday: 4 miles
Saturday: 10 miles
Sunday: 20 miles

Consecutive days = 30 miles of the 39.33 needed (or 76.3%).

I may do Sunday's LR on the treadmill. We'll see how Saturday goes first.

Last week, I accomplished the consecutive 9 & 18 mile runs for a total of 27 of the 39.33 needed (68.6%). The 18 was done on the mill. I was shedding sweat like a madman too. I drove off 2 runners who tried to occupy the mill next to me with my flying, spraying moisture. Whaddya gonna do? It wasn't intentional. They keep the gym cranked to like 85 degrees. You could work up a sweat farting.

I'm on pace to make this by biggest mileage month ever!

Happy trails.


L*I*S*A said...

You've completely lost me with the percentages, but keep up the good work.

Oh please man...get outside to do those 20 miles. You're so fast, it won't take you that long. Please consider it. The thought of running that many miles on a treadmill is just torturous.

sRod said...

I can barely do 10 miles on the dreadmill. Wtf do you do 20?

Also, can your gym send some of that heat to my gym? It is freezing in there--I have to leave my sweater on!

Russ said...

It is supposed to be in the 40's on Sat. (slight chance of rain)...maybe switch around so you can get it in outside. I desperately need an outdoor run myself. BTW no PB cookies have hit the house, but the ladies at work are enabling me to no end with their Christmas treats!

nwgdc said...

now, are you sure it was the sweat that drove them off...and not any farting...?

aham23 said...

you are a machine. good luck.