Monday, December 10, 2007

Ho Hum. Another Week Closer.

First, it's with much apology that I inform you that my milestone 100th post was the one titled "Paging Dr. Jellyfinger". Ah, to undo the past! Wait! Blogger allows me to do just that but, no, I will let it stand.

This was a cutback week and a reprieve from the back to back weekend runs so not much to report. Only 27 miles for the week with a LR of 13.

In the ongoing Fall of My (leg) Discomfort, I have another little issue to report. My left knee swelled up after Thursdays run. I managed to knock out about half the swelling through RICE (or RIE as I really didn't compress at all) before testing it on Saturday's LR. I seem to be able to run on it just fine. Normally, I'd take a week off at this point to relax but, high mileage weeks and all with a marathon and a half staring me in the face, I gave it an easy go.

The run went okay. Post run, it briefly swelled again but has since gone back to minor swelling. Only a little bit of pain when I twist the knee a certain way but otherwise no issues walking or running. I have an appointment tomorrow to have this looked at. After never seeing the doctor for like 2 years, I'll be in his office twice within a week!

This week calls for 5 miles tonight. Nine on Thursday and 18 on Friday in the continuing effort to simulate the Goofy Challenge. This will be 68.6% of the total race effort!

On a side note, I was in the mall the other day and noticed a bunch of Brandon Inge (3b, Tigers) jerseys on the clearance rack. Out with the old, in with the Cabrera I always say.

Happy trails.


aham23 said...

i think i tub full of ice is in my future. like you said, it seems fine when active, but darn the thing burns when i just sitting at my desk. later.

nwgdc said...

i need to count my posts! i can't let this happen to me! i mean, look how embarrassed you are!