Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Looking Back: 2007

I have been about as busy right now as I've been in awhile. Too much going on in a two week period. Marathon training, holidays, holiday decoration tear down, snow shoveling, kid babysitting, preparing for vacation, painting my house, peak period for work projects, etc.

I'll spare you the details. But you get a quick Year in Review instead of a deluxe version.



1) Qualified for Boston with a 3:12 at the Bayshore Marathon. May 2007 would be the best shape of the year for me. Since then, I've been dealing with a variety of nagging muscle aches and a lack of a clear focus. I've been running...but what I am running for exactly? I mean, what is my goal?

2) Completed the Chicago Marathon despite some hard conditions including the first time I've ever experienced a muscle cramp during a race.

3) Completed my first ever trail race taking first in my age group. It has left me with the thirst for more of this type of challenge.

4) Despite not running a 5k in over 2 years, my first attempt back in April 2007 saw a sub 20 minute time and my second best effort ever. I was very, very pleased with this as, when I originally started running 7+ years ago, this was my main goal. Once completed, I stopped running 5k's entirely.

Areas for Improvement (or, Failures, if you prefer harshness):

1) I didn't run a smart race in Chicago. Despite the conditions, I could have done better there if I had followed a better plan.

2) I need to focus on better stretching and muscle conditioning techniques. I believe most of my aches and pains in the second part of the year were easily preventable if I were a bit smarter about my approach.

3) I need to settle on new goals going forward. After qualifying for Boston, I just kinda ran the rest of the year without an idea on what I was trying to accomplish.

This will be my last post prior to returning from the Goofy Race and Half Challenge, I'm afraid. Just too much going on that takes priority right now. So, here are my thoughts heading in:

  • I'm ready to complete the challenge (I think)!
  • Time is not a factor to me. I just want to finish in reasonably good shape (i.e. not limping).
  • I'll be targeting close to 8 minute miles for both races. This is about 40 seconds slower than I'm capable. I feel this will allow me to cover the 39.3 miles in decent shape.
  • I think the half marathon and first half of the full marathon will be no problem. The second half of the full marathon will get interesting though.
  • I'm bringing a camera with me on this run.
  • I hope Chip n' Dale aren't there. I hate those guys.

Good luck to anyone else out there running a race over the next two weeks. I haven't been keeping up on what is going on.

Happy 2008 to everyone!

Race report and "Looking Ahead: 2008" to come in future posts.


L*I*S*A said...

Enjoy Disney, and I can't wait for the race report!

Looks like '07 was overall a great year for you, and I'll bet '08 holds great promise.

sRod said...

Can you relabel Success #1 as a Triumph? That is really impressive. What a great year 07 was for you!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Great year!! I think you are ready and you'll do great. Pretty unlikely that you'll see Chip n Dale. :D Rest easy. hee hee

aham23 said...

looking forward to your disney recap.

did you say chicago? i think i had just put that out of my memory? :) !

good luck.

sRod said...

Since there isn't a pre-Disney post, I want to wish you good luck today and tomorrow! You'll have a blast!

L*I*S*A said...

You did it! Great job...can't wait to hear all about it. :)