Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tips for a Pleasant Thanksgiving

First, remember to cut left to right in one continuous motion with a sharp blade….

Proper drainage is important. Your family will appreciate the difference! If you don’t home slaughter, ask your local butcher or grocer for graphic details on how the turkey draining is handled.

Other tips:

· A turkey’s esophagus can be turned into a wonderful coke snorting straw to help you get through the family gathering. (Bonus tip: Eyeballs serve as corks for either end for easy transporting! And since its all natural, it won’t show on an airport rectum scanner.) I’m like the Martha Stewart of turning animal parts into handy drug paraphernalia crafts!

· As you know, there is a War on Thanksgiving.* Please confront anyone that says “Happy T-Day” or “Happy Turkey Day” with the proper “No, Happy THANKSGIVING!” with extra emphasis on the THANKS part. Also, be needlessly indignant and condescending as if their greeting was intended to be some sort of political message. You can’t take the THANKS out of Thanksgiving after all. It’s the reason for the season!

· Since the first Thanksgiving actually occurred in 1621 –well before the formation of the United States – this should actually be considered a British holiday. So feel free to get ridiculously drunk and repeatedly proclaim that you ain’t gonna celebrate no holiday for the Monarchy. While you’re doing it, you could toss in a horrible British accent and sprinkle in “old chap” into your diatribe.

· Make sure to run. A lot. It’s a great reason to get out of the house and away from the “beloved” relatives. Heck, even if you don’t feel like running, you could at least tell people you are going to do five miles, put on your running clothes, and then sit out in the woods behind the house with either a pack of cigarettes or the turkey esophagus for 45 minutes.

· Remember that, no matter how miserable you are, you still aren’t nearly as miserable as every character in a Twilight movie. Oh, and don’t go see a Twilight movie. They are horrible.

· Thanksgiving only lasts one day (or 2-3 days if the relatives insist on staying). You can survive it. And then you have at least three weeks to recharge before Xmas. You’ve run trail runs, half marathons, full marathons and/or ultra marathons. You can do this too! Thanksgiving is an endurance sport too.

· Drink terrible beer like Schiltz or Stroh’s or Pabst. You don’t want this awful family gathering to ruin your favorite beer. Think cognitive association here. Grueling holiday + favorite beer may associate your beer to something bad. No good. Go all in on the misery…drink Schlitz.

I hope you all have a Happy THANKSgiving! Also, Happy Holidays. Yeah, that’s right I said HOLIDAYS instead of Christmas. That means I’m making a political statement. I’m wishing you a Happy Holiday rather than a Merry Christmas, want to fight about it?**

Here's to hoping you don't want to cut your own neck, like the turkey above, by the time this is through! Game on.

Happy T-Day.

*Seriously, I watch cable news and they tell me this all the time so it must be true.
**Isn’t the derivative meaning of “holiday”, “holy day”? Am I missing something? I’m too exhausted to care.


Jamoosh said...

I am a little unsettled that you have knowledge of a Twilight Movie. I can only assume this is second hand knowledge.

Xenia said...

Have a Merry Thanksgiving and a Happy Christmas. Cheerio, you git.

Vava said...

I haven't checked your blog out in a while as I am injured and for the moment am cursing all healthy runners whenever I see them. In my defense I usually sprinkle in the word "handsome", as in "Curse that handsome healthy bastard!" as I drive by on my way to therapy.

Anyway, thanks for the laughs and the post on hoe to get more traffic to your blog. You missed one important point, however: post something sometimes! I've been very lax...

Happy Whatever!

Leauxra said...

You make me laugh. And while I AM going for a run tomorrow morning, I have to admit that I have a family team at the local turkey trot (or should I say thankfulness trot?), so I am not actually escaping them unless I run really, really fast.

I think I'll skip beer altogether this year, and just spike the punch with grain alcohol. There is no need to remember this shit since my parents went all "vegan".

Viper said...

Happy T-for-Turkey Day, kthanks! Don't let the ax fall on your neck too soon. Cheers!

Jill said...

Happy Turkey Day to you and your family!!

David said...

Drinking a Genny Light as I read your helpful post. Well said.

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

Aw man, there should have been a warning for those of us that get grossed out by almost decapitated poultry.

Elizabeth said...

I am still reeling from the blood coming out of the Thankfulness bird in your photo. I prefer to believe that the thing that I roasted to perfection yesterday was never a living creature but rather some completely man-made concoction of goodness. BTW, I ran yesterday AND today and drank copious amounts of cheap alcohol and I only have my husband and kids at the house this year. Cheers!

Beth said...

If only they had longer races on Thanksgiving. A 5K doesn't take long enough to justify staying out of the house long enough. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

Ironman By Thirty said...

So what kind of beer does a cheapskate like you drink that isn't PBR/Schlitz/Strohs? Natty Ice?

gene @boutdrz said...

i agree with (dare i say it?) Jamoosh. Twighlight? fer realz?
Happy Holidays to you, too. I mean, it encompasses my birthday, Christmas, and New Year's all at once.....

Drea said...

Yeah, I wanted to know what kind of beer you drink too. I bought some Oktoberfest beer for my German father who got upset because DUH it's NOVEMBER!

I am thankful that I can't please everyone- keeps life more dramatic.