Monday, February 28, 2011

Randomly Richer!

The Drawing for the CSN Stores $70 Gift Code/Card

The Gods of Generation, Lords of Luckytown, Rulers of Randomness have been fed their input and returned an output. Thirty-four hopefuls prayed at the altar of divine chance but only one could walk away $70 gift code virtual dollars richer. If you did not win, it’s probably because your soul was found to be lacking. I’m not trying to over-dramatize the random number generator (from but I truly believe that it measures your entry against your very qualities as a human being. If your number was not returned, you must ask yourself ‘why’. What is wrong with you that you were not chosen? Is it personal hygiene…the hair cut? Both? Probably….and a whole lot more. When’s the last time you called your mother for chrissakes??

That’s right, the number returned was ‘20’. Twenty is a good, solid, wholesome number. No hyphens. Easily divisible by both 10 and 5. Heck, it’s even topical in nature. Twenty is the first two digits of our year. The twenty dollar bill features Old Hickory himself, Andrew Jackson, famous for taking on the power of the banking industry during his Presidency. And just try to compose a list of your Top 20 favorite FMS posts without it!

Plus, it’s the very amount I obtained, in addition to the offered $50 amount, with my humiliating acts at the Ft. Wayne Super 8. Shudders.

A quick check against the entries reveals that comment #20 belongs to CANYONCAIRNS. Though (she?) doesn’t have word verification, she did correctly answer the question about where the quote came from – Reality Bites – indicating a detailed reading of the ENTIRE entry rules post including all asterisks (which contained the ‘easy out’ for those worried about the word verification requirement.)

I was tempted to just award the $70 to Debbie for going with another Reality Bites quote: “There’s an IQ prerequisite but there’s no secret handshake.” If you count “IQ” as one word, the quote totals exactly 9 words and, therefore, eligible for the contest. Plus, it’s a pretty good life philosophy, isn’t it?

But, sorry, rulez are rulez.

I did enjoy the other 9 word philosophies from several of you. Very creative. I guess you aren’t all mindless chimpanzees! Congrats!

CANYONCAIRNS, please contact me at the email shown under About Me on the sidebar to claim your $70 prize.

The rest of you? Time for a good hard look in the mirror I guess.

Happy introspecting.


The Sean said...

I will incorporate introspection into my daily mirror gazing time this evening.

Elizabeth said...

I am heartbroken! NOW I finally understand how it feels to be a loser.

Reluctant Runner said...

Reality really DOES bite.

drea said...

Yep, I'm never chosen. Lotteries suck. My kid needs to get in school: 119 kids apply to a lottery and we get drawn 118. I go to my high school reunion shit and they give everyone a prize in a lottery except like 4 souls, and yep, not me. I just look in the mirror Nitmos and say- Um, when, God made me- lottery rules died.

And thank God for modern dentistry..... long story.