Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yet Another CSN Stores Giveaway!

You’ve heard the expression “everyone and their Nitmos” right? Quite literally, I believe EVERYONE has given away a CSN Stores gift certificate at this point. And now your Nitmos has too. Like losing your virginity - or watching The Bounty Hunter – it’s something you do just once.

After intense negotiations, consultation with lawyers, and a luxurious wine-n-dine getaway at a Ft. Wayne, IN spa/Super 8, we settled on the oddball amount of:


That’s right, no cheap $50 gift certificate around these parts. Your loyalty is worth an extra $20 (and apparently so is my self-respect based on the happenings in Ft. Wayne.) That’s $70 to spend at CSN Stores ( A quick perusal of their website – based on their product categories - indicates that you can get Bed & Bath, Lighting, Décor, and Baby & Kids. I have enough baby and kids at my home but, if I were in the market, $70 for a baby is a GREAT price. I doubt Madonna gets them any cheaper. Once you get that baby and/or kids, they might need a place to play. Then head on over and check out the swing sets available here.

I’m not going to burden you with a bunch of “follow mes” and “add my websites” and “tweet me” and “come over and clean my gutters” requirements. If you want the $70, there are two simple rules:

1) Leave a comment.
2) Make sure you use word verification for comments on YOUR blog.

That’s it! What? Oh, right, the word verification thingy. You must use word verification on your blog. You didn’t expect this to be too easy, did you? Remember whose blog this is? I’m going to be a jerk about it too. I’ll use a random number generator to draw the winner. You may enter with a comment time stamped now through Sunday, February 27th at midnight. When the generator…generates a number, I will visit your blog and verify the…verification. No word verification, then it is back into the generator to…generate another number. I will continue to be a jerk as…jerkishly as I want until a winner is found. Hey, if you knew what I had to go through to get that extra $20 for you people*, you wouldn’t complain about the lousy little word verification part of this contest.

I guess – and maybe I’m going soft in the waning days of my thirties – I can let you enter the contest WITHOUT the word verification requirement. If you still want in, but refuse to use word ver, your comment should include a "brief justification for the ontological necessity of modern man's existential dilemma" in exactly NINE words. No more, no less. That’s the price you pay for not using word verification. **

So, get crack-a-lackin’ with a comment! Other times when I have run a contest like this, I’ve gotten no more than 30-35 comments due to my low readership so your odds are pretty good. And I didn’t have the verification requirement for those.

Don’t need $70? Well, you must have a job with a bank, Wall Street, or the health care industry and don’t need such hand-outs (unless they come from the government – ba dum dum). You can leave us commoners to our own private little money grab.

Enter once only. (NOTE: Open to residents of US and Canada.) Good luck!

Happy commenting.

*One Night in Nitmos. Roger Ebert raves "...much more disgusting and pudding-soaked than One Night in Paris. Comparatively, Hilton's "film" is PG. Abhorrent!"
**At the very least, correctly identify the movie the above quote comes from.

The White Death has returned. Or, at least, I hear people complaining about it. I’ve already mentally started spring so I see nothing more than an accumulation of pollen from the blooming greenery. The pollen is 8 inches deep. I’ve used the occasion to get out my pollen shovel and do some cross-training by making little pollen banks at the sides of my driveway and sidewalks.

I hope I don’t have to Return to War with the Mailman over the pollen blockade in front of my mailbox. As Pooh says, “Oh, bother.”


Barefoot Johnny O said...

Reading your blog takes a long time because I always have to go to wiki or the dictionary to figure out the crap you're talking about. But, maybe it's because I'm from Ohio.

Run to live, rise above expectations, discover love, oneself.

Vava said...

I don't know if Canadians are eligible for this most worthy and confusing of contests, but I do have word verification turned on, and I think the quote is from "Reality Bites".

And I'm allergic to pollen...

Turi said...

Had to check on the word verification thing. I thought I had it on because a spate of spam comments last year, and yep, it's still there.

Verification word for this comment: tismsch

Domestic Diva said...

What if I don't really keep a blog, but I promise to use word verification should I ever blog regularly. Or at least to really like the word verification on your blog. :-)

lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

The Sean said...

Reality Bites

what exists? cannot let it pass- necessity; born bored.

Ace said...

I really just wanted to leave a comment to give my 9 word entry on the ontological meaning of man. Here goes.

Twinkies, twinkies, twinkies, twinkies, twinkies, twinkies, twinkies, Ho-Hos, twinkies.

Viper said...

Sell out! I'm still a giveaway virgin, and I plan to keep it that way ... until I get a massive payday, that is. Cheers!

Elizbeth said...

Akismet works well enough for me without captcha so I don't wanna add word ver to my comments. As for your ontologicexistentialemma, I offer the following 9 words: "I think; therefore, I am. Pretty simple, isn’t it?"

Shel said...

Word verification enabled, Captain!

Thanks for the giveaway :)

Katrina said...

craziest entry requirement every....awesome!
ykatrina at hotmail dot com

Sun Runner said...

and a luxurious wine-n-dine getaway at a Ft. Wayne, IN spa/Super 8

Woah...I may have been there. Maybe. Many of my visits to Ft. Wayne turn into booze-soaked hazy memories. Only my boyfriend knows for sure what happens after we leave the bar.

"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation."

The Knapps said...

Word verification is on for my blog... good & useful entry requirement though!

danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

Drea said...

Oh God Damn, Live for the moment or choke.

Verify this $


(that's not a stutter)

Running Through Phoenix said...

"Man doesn't know whether life is good or bad"

That's why I don't have word verification or $70.

One Crazy Penguin said...

I can't tell you in nine words, but I can tell you in two....

Dee said...

lol I want to enter but I don't have a blog on blogger and there is no word verification option available for that platform. either way, whether I'm entered or not, thanks for the chance!

deeg131 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Cool giveaway! Word Verification is enabled -- and I didn't even know it until now. How about that???? For this comment, the word is trypted
Digicat {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

ElennaLouise said...

I could really use that $70! For that, I will enable word verification! So yes, it's on here on my blog:
Elenna @

Marlene said...

Ooooh la la, $70! While I'm excited to see Canada (eh!) included, I'll pass... it is just not worthwhile with the shipping and international fees. Plus, I HATE WORD VERIFICATION. There, I said it.

FYI, word-ver for this post is : noningis

Anonymous said...

Thank you for providing 3 options for me to enter.

1) doesn't allow word verification. I tried a few ways.

2) I'm dumb in the ways of philosophy and can't figure out the question.

3) Fortunately I DO know it's from Reality Bites and am tempted to make it my voicemail message.

word verification: dordon
I just encountered "pootr" on a different blog.

Jeri said...

comment left.

verification on.

money pocket please.

Andrew Opala said...


lindsay said...

That's a lot of pollen. Glad I don't live near you.

I'm not sure if I have word ver on anymore. All these people changing theirs/checking theirs makes me think of Hitler's followers. So, I guess I will play Winston Churchill here.

Chanda M. DeFoor said...

I'll leave a comment, but I'm not going to add word verification. ;) I don't need $70. I'm filthy rich.

Ainsley Drew said...

Reality Bites? (Either that or Singles. One of those whiny '90s rom/dram/com hybrids that had a good soundtrack.)

What am I entering? Do I win a car? Is this one of those situations where I wind up losing a kidney or sponsoring a child in a third world country?

Just to touch on an old post, it's worse to be called "sir" by accident. I love being called a "whore." I can easily rearrange the face of nearly anybody who calls me fat. An hour and a half per day in the gym gives me that right. And an eight pack. Did I win a car? Did I?

Debbie said...

Never on the word ver. Sorry. Just a religious thing with me.
"There's an IQ prerequisite but there's no secret handshake"

Reluctant Runner said...

Okay, I have no idea what your word verification paragraph means. So I go to my blog and get a word verification? Where is it? What the hell?! Also, I've looked everywhere for a time stamp and can't find it. I think it's in a desk drawer in basement, next to my VCR, which is still flashing 12:00, 12:00, 12:00...

Oh, forget it. I'm too old for this contest. I probably couldn't figure out how to work a gift certificate for an on-line store, anyways.

Spike said...

(my comment is no comment--I know, very Rush of me)

Jill said...


Adam said...

Down with word verify!!!! Sooooo annoying. Plus, I only get a handful of spam comments a month - some of which are asian pr0n, so not all bad.

I googled the movie quote so I sort of cheated. So, in the absence of that:
"To be human, one must always question the why"

9 words. YESSSSSS

Pam said...

My hatred of word verification is directly proportional to my love of money. If word ver is the trade for $70, you have a deal. (But only until you announce a winner, then that shit is gone.)

Blaine said...

Since I turned on the word verification, the number of comments on my blog has significantly dropped. Of course, most of the comments were from Chinese Porn Spammers, but a post is a post, right? I'll probably revert back to the non-word verification after this.

Liz said...

Word verification is operational!

eemoody77 at gmail dot com

Al's CL Reviews said...

Well, the blog settings say I have word verification on.

Now let me win. I need a new sausage stuffer!