Wednesday, April 23, 2008

2008 Boston Marathon RR part I: Pre-race

Subtitle: “California Tortilla Sucks”

I want to put my own voice to the tale I’m about to spin. It’s a personal tale and one with an unexpected conclusion. So, here goes….

Call me Nitmos. Some years ago – never mind how long precisely – having little or no time for running, and nothing particular to interest me in Boston, I thought I’d challenge myself to a 5k.

I stole that. Blatantly. (Does anyone know where this slightly modified famous opening paragraph comes from?????)

Actually, I did reach a sort of personal enlightenment in the Newton hills area which I will share with you all in part 3. A sort of white whale I’ve been hunting and finally (maybe?) located…

Here’s the deal. On Friday, we flew from Detroit into DC for our connection to Boston. Foolishly, I decided to eat a taco. From an airport. Fast. Food. Stand. While gazing at the distant Washington monument, I consumed this largely inedible concoction.

By Friday evening and two splatterings on the toilet later, I would see that taco again. My 5 year run of not throwing up – since that wicked evening of rum debauchery - was over.

Do not ever visit California Tortilla. Their food sucks and induces vomiting. I know that most people already know not to eat a taco in an airport but I’ve already covered the fact that I’m not very bright.

Friday was spent groaning in bed…and puking (see above). We did make it to Cheers on Beacon St. for, in my case, an uneaten meal and a stroll around Boston Common.

Saturday morning, race expo and check-in. I still couldn’t keep any food down. It’s all nibbles and sips. Any food creates a rock in the gut.

The expo was crazy busy but well organized. We walked around a bit. Saw Ryan Hall signing posters and chatting with folks. Unbeknownst to me, Beardsely was a scheduled speaker in the next room. There would have been words. I’m glad I didn’t go.

They were setting up the start/finish line for the Women’s Olympic Trials and the Boston Marathon Saturday morning. The finish mat was going down. Pretty cool to see. Here’s the sign on the Boston Public Library, which is right at the finish.

The rest of Saturday was spent walking the Freedom Trail checking out some historical sites. I had to chuckle at this site below.

The 2 story brown house is Paul Revere’s 400 year old house in the middle of the modern Italian Village section of Boston. That is a Mercedes in the foreground. I find stuff like this funny. Here’s something minding its own business being all old-timey and someone parks a big ole not-old-timey car in front of it mucking up everyone’s pictures. Geesh.

Sunday morning I was starting to feel a bit better. Able to get some food down in larger quantities. I had been nursing Gatorade bottles non-stop since Friday night’s PukeFest Jamboree to keep from dehydrating. I wandered down to see the women’s Olympic Trials. The first mile was two blocks from my hotel going by the edge of Boston Common for the one and only time. I don’t know the names of these superfast ladies real well but here they are going by.

Leader at 1/2 mile was about 25 yeards in front of the pack.

The pack.

Mrs. Nitmos and I did go to the race sponsored pre-race pasta dinner as it was a short walk from the hotel. That was a last minute decision.


My next door neighbor had this sign on his room door:

"TAPERING. Monday is the big day and I need my rest"

I’m feeling pretty good about the race for the next day. I was able to eat fairly regularly Sunday with only a little leftover California Tortilla floating around the intestines. I was well hydrated as demonstrated by the lemonade colored urine discharged from the ole bilge pump.

Let’s get it on.


See 2008 Boston Marathon RR part II: The Thon.

See 2008 Boston Marathon RR part III: Introspection.


L*I*S*A said...

Note to author: glad that you now know you can no longer consume taco-ish food from airports. Sorry you had to learn the hard way. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like before next year's marathon, you will need to build up an immunity to airport tacos and carry several taco flavored gels with you during the race.

If you can get at taco Platter Supreme at Dick Beardley's Taco Hut in Newton, MA on the Sunday before the race even better!!


Anonymous said...

In totally unrelated news, as of 2pm today, when you google "california tortilla marathon" and "california tortilla race", Nitmos' blog is the first ranked result.

Congrats Nitmos


p.s. good thing the tacos cost $5 each or you may have been tempted to eat two.

RazZDoodle said...

You seemed to be of discriminant tastes. Alas and alack....I was wrong.

Can't say I wouldn't do something equally as boneheaded, though.

nwgdc said...

that's a great do not disturb sign. classic.

KimsRunning said...

OMG....I am still laughing (with you, not at you) Well ok, I'm kinda laughing at you....heehee!
The night before my marathon I had a Philly cheesesteak and 2 beers, so I probably would have had a taco with you....

aham23 said...

while i love a good taco, EVERYONE knows you DO NOT eat a taco purchased at or anywhere near an Airpot.


Vanilla said...

The Pequod sinks at the end right? But I think Ishmael survives.

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO, Wonder if the man/lady in that "DND Tapering" sign thought you were a perv all trying to take pics outside their door :P

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I really, really want that Do Not Disturb sign. That's classic.

thebets said...

My stomach was cramping up just reading about your taco episode. I'm so glad that you didn't eat it the night before the race!

Laura said...

I would have been tempted to steal the DND sign had it been in my hotel. Seriously, where can you buy that? Would make for great swag in a pre-race packet!

Instead, I saw signs on a few doors that they were official showers for the marathon (what??). I wanted to stake them out to congratulate the runners using them, but unfortunately it was 10 PM on Monday night when I noticed them, and by then everyone was either in bed or partying.

The Laminator said...

You know what's even more funny? Imagine if the DND hadn't been taken down since last year's marathon.

Sorry about your taco fiasco. With my luck, I would've probably would have wrapped it up and eaten it as a late night snack the night before the marathon.

Viper said...

Way to go Pukey McPukerson! Seriously, an airport taco? Hopefully, there's some redemption in the Act III denouement.

sRod said...

A fish taco? Really? Stick to what you know and you know you have to be a food Nazi the week before a race!

Sounds like the rest of the race won't be all roses.

sRod said...

And btw, that's the opening line from Moby Dick. I see an extended metaphor on the horizon...right next to the Citgo sign.