Monday, April 30, 2012

Randumbery Hears Sad Trombones

You know the drill, it’s Randumbery!  It’s bite size portions of news of interest to only me, probably.  Don’t like it?  Get your own blog.

Who’s running New York?

The NYC Marathon drawing was last week and, I have to ask, is ANYONE running New York?  As I survey the blogscape, I see all NO’s from the lottery.  How can that be with roughly 45,000 possible entries?  Are bloggers the unluckiest group of all?  Believe me, I’m happy to be running it this year but I guess the other 45,000 runners will be complete strangers. 

I almost feel guilty about buying up those 5,000 registrations - to go unfilled - just to keep the crowds away from me.  It seemed prudent at the time but it’s starting to feel…a bit selfish.  Almost.

One Mile Time Trial:  Act Two

I’m a sad marmoset.  My recurring spring/summer series “One Mile Time Trial” held another showing at the local high school track last Friday.  It was a rerun.  Or almost a rerun.  Whoever said that you’ll find the greatest improvement between the first and second attempt, as you apply lessons learned, is completely full of shit.  In Act One, I ran a 5:39.  I fully expected at least a 5:35 for Act Two.  What do you think I ran? (Don’t look at the big red numbers below.)


Srsly?  That sucks.  If my math is correct, that’s a one second improvement.  And that could just be due to a quick finger on the stop button since I’m manually starting/stopping the Garmin.  Heck, that could be a rounding issue.  I thought I was going to hear a triumphant trumpet processional announce a successful time trial as I crossed the finish.  Instead, it was all sad trombones making a mockery of me, my Garmin, and my rosy cheeks (due to the harsh wind in the 2nd straightaway and turns 3 and 4).    Jealous how I slipped that excuse into my own pity party? 

I’ve been kummerspecking all weekend about it.  Next time, do better, Nitmos.

Filly Four

More soccer!  It is America’s sport!  The filly was the only one in action this Saturday.  Her team eviscerated an over matched squad 4-0.  The filly knocked in all 4 goals while splitting time between striker and midfielder.  I had to buy her 4 donuts as payment as this was our pre-game deal.  She got 3 chocolates and a powdered donut post game.  Fortunately, she did not eat them all at once. 

The other team had a long, shameful ride 90 minutes home to Dearborn.  I’m sure they did some kummerspecking of their own.  Maybe next time they'll do better as I hear the greatest improvement is better the first and second attempt.

Pictures?  Why, of course (click to make like a prostate and enlarge):

Splitting the D

Determined (and open)

Look, I can dribble backwards!

Goal in 3-2-1....  Ref, get that whistle ready.

Happy Trails.


Viper said...

At first I thought those kids from Dearborn were aliens, but then I realized they were likely mutants involved in some horrible chemical spill. I bet they can't even eat grief bacon. Cheers!

Elizabeth said...

The only people I know who got into NY are people like you who qualified. None of my friends who applied for the lottery, including myself, got in. Clearly the race officials who work the lottery do NOT know what they are doing!

And go Filly!! Way to own those green-faced Dearbornites.

Xenia said...

Man, I knew pepople from Michigan weren't normal but I didn't realize how many of them didn't even have faces. Freaksville.

Deb said...

Quit yer bitchin'. It takes me 5:38 just to get a satellite on my stupid Garmin.

Your filly rocks...but just imagine the athletic feats she could accomplish if she didn't have all that blood in her uterus.

Char said...

Your daughter's opponents really take their colour coordination to extremes don't they?

The Sean said...

Aren't you old enough to age grade the mile at this point? That time b't could make that second look more substantial?

B.o.B. said...

Ok, I'll bite. What the hell is kummerspecking???

Rachel said...

Out of the approximately 5 million people I know who entered, ONE got in. Just one. She's thrilled, but her husband didn't make the cut so she may not run it.

I say do and and let hubby fend for himself. Give him a stack of ones and send him to a strip club and he'll never miss the marathon.

Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

She knocked in all four? Damn. She deserves those doughnuts.