Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tuesday Ramblings...

Good responses to my Let 'Er Rip post. I appreciate everyone's two cents. It's always nice to get some perspective from others that are not, well, me.


- Srod commented that maybe I should look at lightening my race calendar. I took his advice. Or, rather, I was forced to take his advice. I had every intention to sign up for the Bayshore Half Marathon over Memorial weekend. As I look this morning, half marathon registration is closed. This is too soon after Boston to consider the full marathon so....I may (and probably will) sign up for the 10k that weekend instead. I've never actually run a 10k race before which is why it doesn't appear in my personal bests column to the right. So, guaranteed PR!

- Russ wondered if I completely missed the intention of his original comment. I think I understood what he was saying but it led me down a different path than I think he expected. For me, running for time/PR's = FUN. Restoring the fun in running means pushing harder.

- Doug provided a nice quote on running against the stopwatch. Love it.

- Book Update #1. Don Quixote. I'm pushing through this but it is a bit of a difficult read for me. It's been awhile since I read a book where it takes 4 pages to describe how you rode away from a village on horseback. It's good. Humorous. I'll be reading it for another couple months though I expect. I'm averaging a paltry 50-60 pages a week due to my schedule. And it's over a thousand pages long.

- Book Update #2. Roasting in Hell's Kitchen. This is an autobiography of Gordon Ramsay, the world class chef. You've probably seen him throwing around f-bombs on television's Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. I love reading stories about people who are so passionate and obsessed with perfection in their chosen job/activity. I'm envious of people who have found their life's calling and are pursuing it with every fiber of their beings. Personally, I feel like I'm spinning my wheels...biding time...paying bills...in my career devoid of all passion or interest. I love to live vicariously through truly driven people. Good read. Now, if I could just find something I care about half as much as this guy...

- Post mortem Book Update. 1776. I completed this historical book by David McCullough on the critical first full year of the American Revolution. It steps you through a battle by battle, month by month account of the keys events and decisions on both sides. Washington made very severe judgment errors. The British were too passive and could have destroyed the rebellion early with a more aggressive plan. In 1776, Washington's army merely lived to fight again. And that was the mistake the British made.

- I really wanted to see history made with a 19-0 Patriot team. However, the Giants did deserve to win. They won the battle in the trenches. Who didn't know they were going to score that TD after Manning's miracle sack escape, heave, and reception?

- February is my least favorite month of the year. Gray. Wet. Snow. Rain. Snow. Repeat. What's to like about it?

- Has their been a better franchise in all of major sports in the last 15 years than the Detroit Red Wings? Player retirements, coaching changes, etc. the Wings continue to (usually) lead their division and challenge for the Stanley Cup EVERY SINGLE YEAR since 1994. It's time to win one again this season though.

- My son's 8-0 basketball team heads into their end of the year tournament this weekend. Double elimination. A champion will be crowned.

- 11 weeks to the Boston Marathon?? I better book those airline tickets.

Happy trails.


nwgdc said...

i loved 1776. so much so, that i downloaded it on to my shuffle so i could listen to it again while running. unfortunately, David McCollough's narration is dreadful...very sleepy voice.

L*I*S*A said...

Sorry you won't be joining me and Mike on the marathon trail at the Bayshore. Perhaps you can cheer us on? I'll need all the encouragement I can get.

Mir said...

Wow, the Bayshore half is closed already? I bet you won't be the only one caught by surprise.

DQ is quite the behemoth. It was the book I read at work on breaks and other downtime, so I probably averaged 20-30 pages a day.