Monday, February 11, 2008

Zero Degrees and Wind: A Hate Story

Just in time for Valentine's Day...

If I had to list my two least favorite conditions to run in they would be:


I hate them. This Sunday? Check. And check. The thermometer was dancing between zero and negative 2 degrees with every icy blast of wind. What a horrible, horrible day to have to run 10 miles.

So, I did what any sane, non-Grizzly Adamish person would do. Yes, the treadmill. Inside. Warm. TV.

Of course, you can't really hear the TV at the gym. Nor see it so well with all the heads bopping up and down in front of you on the ellipticals. And the please-oil-me sound of the mill, well, GRATING comes to mind.

But at least it's not out in the freezing cold. There is simply no way my nipples would have survived. Sure, they serve no purpose. I don't plan to nurse any babies any time soon. But they're nice to have around and make a nice focal point for the rather obnoxious looking areola. So I'll do what I can for 'em.

Not mine. Rest easy.

(Yes, I am congratulating myself for finding a reason to get a photo like this into a blog post!)

Ten miles at around a 7:40 pace. Nice and easy if you pleasy. No hamstring soreness to report (I said I was no longer going to dwell on various muscle issue but I'm allowed one in 2008 aren't I?)

I've come to grips with the fact that I'll probably be heading into Boston a bit undertrained. I won't be chasing the 3 hour mark or probably even a PR as I once planned months ago. I'd be content with a second best time ever. For that, I merely need to avoid the "c" word. Yes, cramps.

In other news...

My son's basketball season wrapped up. We now have about a month of uninterrupted time where there are no after school activities to go to. Woo-hoo!

The best TV show you've never heard of on F/X: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. With episodes like "Charlie Gets Molested", "The Gang Exploits a Miracle", and "Mac Bangs Dennis' Mom". How can you go wrong?

My dishwasher crapped out on me. Before it did, it rumbled, shook, groaned, caused a slight buckle in my wood laminate floor, and died with a most horrific metal screeching noise (think train and sudden braking). At least, that's what I was told. I was at the gym running, see above, and unable to be at the kitchenside vigil. R.I.P. Kenmore Quiet Wash II, R.I.P.


nwgdc said...

I think this may be your best post yet. I mean, you worked a NIPPLE into it! I'm standing and applauding at this very moment. Bravo!

L*I*S*A said...

Excellent job on the nip shot. Sorry the dishwasher crapped out. That sucks, big time....

As always, great run.

Oh, remember..I need some slow friends of yours to pace me to sub 5-hr at Bayshore. :)

aham23 said...

man i am soooo done with winter. i miss the sun. we have had 15 minutes of sun this month. 15 minutes!!!!!!!!!

Mir said...

Hahaha, I love the nipple! :-)