Monday, November 05, 2007

1000 Miles and Olympic Trials

I admit to forgetting all about the Olympic marathon trials taking place on Saturday. However, I came back in just as Ryan Hall was passing the 24 mile mark and caught the ending. What a great finish!! It wasn't a close race but packed with emotion none the less.

My first thoughts after seeing Ryan Hall in the lead was how Michigan's own Hansons-Brooks team was doing. Sure enough, Brian Sell had overtaken a cramping competitor and moved into 3rd place ultimately securing an Olympic spot. That was a lot of fun. I wish I had watched the entire race.

Obviously, the news about Ryan Shays put a damper on things though.

All in all, it appears U.S. long distance running is on the upswing. A few years back, I couldn't care less when the Olympic marathon was taking place. Now, I'm eagerly awaiting Beijing!

On another note, I'm slowly building miles again for my upcoming marathon - unbelievably only10 weeks away now. I'm way behind my training plan weekly long run goal. Example: Sunday was planned for 17 miles. I did 11.5.

I am unconcerned. I'm readjusting my plan for the Disney marathon. It's all about fun and finishing. Time goals are completely out the window. Plus, I still have some nagging muscle pain in various parts mainly in my right leg. The legs need rest. So, build slowly, get prepared, but don't overdue it pushing too hard. That's the theme of this training session.

I'll probably hit one 20 mile run before the race and that's it as far as 20+ milers.

On a third(?) note, I hit a bit of a milestone with Friday's run. 1000 miles for the year. For me, that's a personal high.

Not much of note going on these days. Just keepin' on keepin' on.

Happy trails.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

Quite a milestone there. Congrats.

I'm not worthy. :D I like hanging with the big dogs. Always hoping it will rub off on me. :D

Mir said...

I may be mistaken, but I believe you may still be able to watch the webcast of the trials on It might be worth checking out. It would be nice if they kept it up there indefinitely, so I could watch it the night before every marathon...truly inspiring.

Way to go on the 1000 miles--that's a great number to reach!

Fun Guv said...

I felt like such a geek when I went to the Olympic Trials website and saw that Brian had made the Olympic team. I was all excited and then bummed because Mike wasn't home for me to tell him!

Russ said...

great job on the 1000 miles. i think your disney race goals are good and will slingshot you to a great boston...

aham23 said...

congrats on the mileage. i am just about to pass 700. double my total last year, my first year. i hope to put another 150 on the board for 07!!

sRod said...

Great strategy on the Disney marathon. There are so many people there and so much eye candy that you won't be able to run fast. But remember to stop and take pictures along the route!

Congrats on the 1000 miles, too. I'm not up there--might get there by the end of the year.