Friday, November 16, 2007

Ambercrombie Daisy May

Thanks for:
  1. Sitting in the back window of the car like a lion resting on a rock.
  2. Those ears that looked like two rugs tacked to the side of your head.
  3. Going head to head with a bunny in a bowl of rabbit food to see who could eat more the fastest.
  4. Posing in the wife and I's engagement photo so many years ago (in between barks at the photographer, of course).
  5. Graciously accepting the arrival of two kids who took attention away from you.
  6. Sitting by the front door when we left and being there when we came back. Every time.
  7. Learning to snap a dog biscuit off your nose (sometimes).
  8. Knowing the difference between regular food emerging from the food closet and microwave popcorn (your only allowed human food).
  9. Barking at the neighbor dog. Only to snort and walk away when he returned a bark.
  10. Allowing my daughter to lay on top of you to give you hugs (I could hear you groan sometimes).
  11. Following your mom around everywhere she went. Even if it meant getting stepped on sometimes.
  12. Your silent protest hunger strikes that lasted nearly 2 days upon returning to your regular food bowl after visits to the grandparents and the special treat of another dog's food (and whatever else "fell" off the table).
  13. The little tuft of hair on top of your head, if we let it go too long between hair cuts, that stood up making you look like Alfalfa.
  14. Signaling with your body and eyes that it was time to go and saving us from having to guess.
April 1993 - November 2007

Thanks for the memories!


Mir said...

Aw, I'm so sorry to hear that! I'm sure she will be missed by all.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

I'm so sorry about this. They are such sweet little things and definitely a part of the family. You will always have these wonderful memories. We lost our beloved Scout 5 years ago this week. She was a dandy.

Take care.

L*I*S*A said...

Awwww, I'm so's so hard to lose a cherished member of the family.

sRod said...

Pets are never easy to let go of...had some trauma of my own as a child. I think you've realize that the memories you have of her far outweigh the pain of losing her.

Russ said...

Sorry to hear about Daisy May. As a fellow dog lover, I've been through this too many times recently. I still haven't completely gotten over the loss of my beloved Phred T. Basset.

nwgdc said...

i'm wife and i just got a puppy, and the attachment that develops is truly love.

betseyb said...

that is the sweetest and saddest thing i have read. it hits really close to home because we have a 15 year old buff cocker named Honey Bun (who was also born in April 1993!) and she is living on borrowed time. i dread the day that she will have to leave us! i know i will fall apart. i am so sorry about daisy may.