Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A new PR.....

...for my friend Phil who completed the Little Rock Marathon this past weekend. Congratulations go to him. Despite the challenging head winds and rolling hills in the middle of the course, he was able to set a new PR at 4:02. That's marathon number 5 for him! I take some pride in his accomplishments because I *ahem* was the person who challenged him to run in the first place. He trained for the Cherry Festival 5k and ran with me in his first race in 2003. Then, he pushed me to tackle my first marathon last year.

I scratched out 12.5 miles on Sunday once again laboring under the multiple layers and wind chill. I'm ready for spring now. Like right now...this instant. Enough already.

I completed Schlosser's Fast Food Nation and, coincidentally, watched the same titled movie that was just released to DVD. The film tried to cram too many political messages into an hour and 45 minutes. I'm all for political or social commentary in a film but it needs to be focused and defined. The movie tried to throw all the subjects covered by the book onto the screen and didn't expand or follow through on most of them. So they just slid to the floor with a KERPLOP! Still, I'd grade it a B and recommend it as at least worth a look.

I'm quite a ways into Karnazes' Ultramarathon Man. Some could see it as an exercise of a man patting himself on the back publicly. When you've accomplished this much, I think there is some room to brag. And it makes for a pretty good story also. I can already see the movie.....someone has it in production don't they?

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