Thursday, March 22, 2007

Family on the Run

I skipped my weekly Tuesday speed work-out in anticipation of running my first 5k since July 2004. I can't believe it has been that long since I did a 5k! I get all wrapped up in my next goal (running a 15k....then running a marathon...then trying to BQ) that I completely tune out other races.

So, this Saturday I'll be participating in East Lansing's Food and Fitness 5k.

Also, my nine year old son will be in the 1/2 mile run.

And my five year old daughter will be doing the 100 yard dash.

This race is a total bargain as well. For me, $18 entry fee gets you a Brooks technical running shirt, post-race feast (this is sponsored by the Lansing Dietetic Association after all) and a finishers medal. For the kids, $5 each gets them a t-shirt and a finishers medal.

It should be fun. Wife will be there taking pictures. Maybe I'll actually post some photos afterwards.

I'm not expecting to set any PR or anything for this distance. In fact, I'd be happy with anything below 21 minutes. I'd like to average 6:45 per mile if possible. We'll see if the legs have that in them any longer.


Mir said...

Sounds like 5K will feel very short after what you're used to. Good luck!

L*I*S*A said...

Can't wait to read the post-race report...go get 'em!