Friday, March 16, 2007



Back to Chicago for the 30th anniversary of the Chicago Marathon. This decision was easy. I love the city. I loved the marathon. 30th anniversary. I know some people already registered and another friend of mine will soon be registering.
I couldn't miss this one.
That completes my marathon registrations for the year (technically Disney is 2008 but since all the training for it will take place in 2007, it counts for this year).

I see that Dean Karnazes will be at the Chicago registration expo. His Ultramarathon Man book was really an interesting, exciting read. I've adopted his "Embrace the pain" motto for my own, comparatively minor, struggles during a difficult run. For me, it actually does work. By repeating this phrase through my head, my attitude changes positively when I encounter a stretch where I feel like stopping or slowing way down.

See you in Chicago!


Mike said...

See you there.

i took "run with heart" away from the book.

We definitely will not be starting as far back this year.

Nitmos said...

So far, I have Corral C (missed Corral B by 49 seconds) but hoping Bayshore will put me into B. Not starting at the back this year!

If you get under 3:56 at Bayshore, you'll hit Corral C. Under 3:36, will get you into B.

Mir said...

Hi Nitmos, thanks for commenting! It is great to meet other Bayshore marathoners out there. I am definitely going to bookmark your blog. Have fun in Chicago this fall--30th anniversary will be awesome.

L*I*S*A said...

I'll be in the back of the pack for you. I'll miss you both.