Monday, January 29, 2007

Skating, Sledding, and Running...Oh, My

Amazing Carnac: Name three things you did in one day that you wish you hadn't.

Okay, so maybe not as funny as Carson. However, true nonetheless.

Our community had a weekend full of free activities. We decided to take advantage. I'm always up for free entertainment. There was bowling, ice skating, sledding, hot chocolate, ice campfires, hockey games, etc.

Rather unwisely, we decided to pack all of these events into one 24 hour period.

So, by noon Saturday, my son and I were off to a high school hockey game (our team won with 3 goals in the last 180 seconds just when things looked bleak)...followed immediately by ice skating. Or, pinballing around the ice with 200 other people also into Free Skating (who woulda thunk others would want to take advantage of this also?!). Side note #1: My 5 year old daughter actually skated by herself - with the aid of a big orange pylon - for the first time ever. How proud we were!

After a quick rest at home, it was off to "moonlight" sledding. Of course, it was difficult to see the moon - let alone anything else - with the two high wattage flood lamps positioned at the top of the hill. Mixed with the 80's pop music blaring from the speakers, it created this surreal experience...shadow people walking silhouette projectiles flying towards you from the top of the hill as you scramble back to your feet. If I had a glow stick, a pacifier, and a sack of E, I would have thought we were at a rave. Fortunately, there were only a few minor collisions...and a few more hard, spine jarring bumps to the posterior as we obtained lift off over a few of the hills cliffs.

A little camp fire...some hot chocolate and chatting with others...and it was back home.

Sunday mornings run was the very definition of Grin and Bear It.

My MP3 lost its battery charge after 12 legs were back hurt...and my left pectoral hurt (why?). I managed to push through and complete my planned distance. After all, I am on "official" marathon training, right?

8 miles
1:02:53 time
7:52/mile pace

I am happy to report that the ice and snow have been the perfect anecdote for my Garmin Fever. I have been forced to slow down. As a result, I've noticed that if I pull the pace back a little, I enjoy the run more. This would seem obvious but, for a congenital race pacer, it is good to be reminded.

Also, I've enjoyed the challenge winter running presents. I'm wondering why I didn't get out more in previous winters.

Side Note #2: I have yet to fall while running on ice (knock on wood). However, during Saturday's sledding, I would pull my daughter back up the hill with her seated in the sled. It was a nice little work out as the hill was, basically, just a big ice mound and very slippery. So, I managed to pull her to the top without slipping, I've managed to run without falling, but, of course, while standing still...on top of the hill...wearing hiking boots...I fell right on my back and head. Go figure.

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