Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year...Minus One Toe Nail

I'm looking forward to 2007. There were a lot of unexpected stresses in 2006. Mostly your typical family related stresses from having young children in the house...lots of time and energy to make sure you are not the one parent on the block screwing up your kids. You know how it goes: unfounded fears, paranoia, an undefinable need to "compete" with the other kids at your kids school. Sometimes you need to step back and take a deep breath and say "Enough!". So, it is nice to leave all that behind in the memories of 2006 .

I'm not going to lay out a statement of resolutions for 2007. I never keep them anyway. So, I'll just create a sorta wish list of things I hope happen this year.

I hope...

My family and friends have a healthy and happy year.

I can remain injury free for this running year - one in which I intend to push harder than ever before.

I can find some enjoyment in a job that seems increasingly mundane.

My wife and I can somehow find that mythical balancing point between work, kids, and "us" time. I don't believe it exists...but we'll arrive one day as the kids continue to grow.

Lastly, I hope each of my kids develop a real sense of passion in their lives. What I mean is that they learn to really dive into a project, hobby, activity with real enjoyment, energy and focus...stick with it...and know a real sense of satisfaction and accomplishment as a result. I intend to make this vague goal my project with them this year. Not sure how yet...but we'll try different things out and see if they work.

As for other thoughts to begin the new year:

My black toe nail has finally...almost...fallen off. I developed it last July and have been too much of a wimp to do the home remedy or go to a doctor. I was content to let it grow out on its own. It was stubborn but, lo and behold, on New Years Day it finally came off. Mostly. So, I start the new year with 9 1/8 toe nails. We'll see how many I finish the year with!!

I've never been a reactionary Fire The Coach type of guy. There are lots of reasons a football team fails or succeeds. However, I think it is time that Lloyd Carr steps down at Michigan. He just cannot get his team up for the big games anymore. It is obvious that he is being outmaneuvered in every big game. The Rose Bowl being just the latest example. Give him next season - with a largely senior class - as a swan song and then, Sayonara baby.

Is there anyone better in Detroit sports history than Steve Yzerman? The man is one of a kind.

Finally, my wife surprised me big time with a Garmin of my own for Christmas. In reading other blogs, it seems to be the gift of choice this year. She choose the Garmin 205 for me and that is exactly what I would have chosen as well. I can't see me strapping up a heart rate monitor before every run anyhow. I completely did not expect this. However, I am really enjoying it. As previously mentioned, I am a statistics geek and this is right up my alley. Yesterday's run: 6.32 miles in 46:47 for a 7:22/mile pace. I love that kind of info!!

Happy New Year.


Mike said...


right of Stevie....

and Lloyd...

i haven't even hooked up the HR moniter yet.

i'm hoping to keep you in my sight this year for the bayshore, at least the cherry fest 15k

Detroit gets real nasty reviews. i'm sure i'll do it soon but Chicago is such an amazing experience with the crowd support and number of runners.

And, then there's always Disney??

L*I*S*A said...

Congrats on the Garmin. I'm going to take mine for a spin either tomorrow or Saturday. Such a great gadget for us runners.

Hope to see you again in Chi. I'm all registered and ready to go. While I'm not speedy like you or Mike, I'd love to break the 5-hr. barrier this year.