Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Thomas Gibson Hates Half Marathons

Apparently the star of one of those TV detective shows wandered onto the course of a nighttime half-marathon in Los Angeles the other night.  The star, Thomas Gibson (previously on a show called "Dharma & Greg" as, one assumes, either "Dharma" or "Greg") brought his Audi SUV with him which was a clear violation of race rules.  Audi's are not allowed as an authorized mode of transportation for this particular half-marathon.

He was also drunk according to the "police" and the "law" and "social customs".

I know celebrities get special breaks and all but now they are allowed to drive to the finish line of a half-marathon?  With adult beverages?

Or was this some sort of Rosie Ruiz style attempt to win that blew up in his face by (a) plowing through a race course barricade and (b) reeking of non-Gatorade based alcohol?

He was later released on a $15,000 bond which was approximately $14,925 more than had he just paid the race entry fee and wore a bib.

Actors aren't the brightest bulb in the carnival, we know, but I'm sure we'll enjoy his future work on Law & Order: Marathon Edition.

Happy trailers.

The New Year brings you a NEW chance to get back into Bottle Fed Parents!  Yes, there's a new posting.  I explore the nightmare every parent faces Christmas morning.  I also do things with glue guns.  Check it out.


Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

If you get hit by a celebrity while running a night time half marathon, do you get a special medal in addition to the millions you sue for?

Viper said...

You're just jealous you were the first to think of using your automobile to win foot races.

Deb said...

Dharma will NOT be pleased with him. What a dick...

Beth (@RunTraveler) said...

This has to go in the "stupiest" category of all of the stupid-people-tricks stories I've heard lately. He's just lucky he didn't hurt anyone.