Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Soccer Hooligans

Our weekend in three photos.

It was another wet and muddy weekend on the pitch for my soccer hooligans. Despite that sun in the background, you can see the field conditions plastered all over their uniforms. My filly took on one of the best teams in the area in her age group and managed a 3-3 tie (probably should have won, in fact!) She netted two goals and a big smile.

My colt's team lost a late heartbreaker 5-4. The team had mud "war paint" on their cheeks but, by the time this photo was snapped, it had worn away.

I believe she is in the house getting a brownie. I hope that's not brownie on her shorts. They kind of look like that famous poopy-pants marathoner's shorts, don't they?

Being that this is soccer, I'd like to point out that there was no rioting in the stands or drunken brawls ending in fires and arrests. It was a mostly docile crowd though my son's English coach did have to tell a parent to stop yelling at the ref at one point. Score one for the English!

I got drunk later that night.


I've been drunk all day.

Happy trails.


Pretend this is real said...

LOVE it! I grew up playing soccer and we used to aim for the puddles when it was wet & muddy. (I imagine I might have been more cautious if I had to do my own laundry.) Looks like a good weekend to me, despite not winning the games.

Ironman By Thirty said...

Pictures? Instead of words? On Nitmos's blog? Now, I've see it all!

By "tell a parent" you meant "tell me" right?? haha

Elizabeth said...

Cute pics of the kids!

Regarding the famous picture of the rather unlucky poopy-pants marathoner, I love the expressions on the spectators' faces. You can almost hear the collective "OOOohhhhheeewwww..."

Fitz said...

A few corrections:

Soccer = Football
field = pitch
uniforms = strips
tie = draw

When will you Americans learn to speak proper?


Anonymous said...

Tell the Colt to work harder. I had more mud on my clothes in a "friendly" ultimate frisbee game on Friday.

Al's CL Reviews said...

You let your the filly and the colt come home with a tie and a loss? And let them have brownies?

You are getting soft in your old age, aren't you?