Wednesday, October 10, 2007

TC Connection

In the days since the Chicago Marathon, I've come to learn that the runner that died due to a heart ailment (and heat, in my opinion) was originally from my hometown, Traverse City, MI, prior to becoming a police officer in Midland, MI. In fact, I've now learned that this man graduated from the same high school and the same graduating class as me. The class of 1989.

I checked my yearbook last night. Sure enough, there he is. I can't say as I knew him. It's a large high school - one of the biggest in Michigan at the time - so it's not unusual to be unacquainted with fellow classmates. I recognized the picture though.

Weird. What a small world.

I've been considering the idea of getting a full blown physical for awhile now. I can't say that I've really ever had a complete one before. I'm not sure if heart ailments - like the one that struck the Chicago runner - could be discovered during a routine physical though. In any case since we engage in a sport that demands a lot physically, it might be time to check into getting myself Checked Out. Why not?

That's the least I can do for my wife and kids.

This hit a little too close to home. Literally.


Russ said...

definitely go get a physical. i did one last year and found out that i had high cholesterol. i also did a stress test prior to serious training. don't avoid it just because you are in "good shape"...just google alberto salazar if you need any further convincing.

and yes, i'm ready for the marathon and hoping the weather stays cool...

aham23 said...

you got me thinking. thanks. later.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Yes, Yes, Yes, please go. For the kids and wife. If nothing else, give them a little piece of mind. They might uncover something that you SHOULD know or COULD PREVENT. Runner's are generally a healthier lot than the average non-runner, but certainly not immune. We have amazing knowledge and technology to treat chronic disease. Please go. Do I sound like your mom or something? ;D

Dr. Bell (that's no joke, BTW)

Mir said...

This post certainly puts everything in perspective. Please do get a physical; this has been an uncomfortable reminder that one can never be too careful and that being a young athletic person is no guarantee of immortality.

If any good can come out of the tragedy, it would surely have to be this reminder and the resulting trips to the doctor. Who knows? Lives could be saved.

L*I*S*A said...

I know I may be biased, working in the medical profession, but the best thing you can do for your family and your peaace of mind is get a physical.

Do it.