Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wicked and Headless Horsemen

The wife and I went to Wicked last Friday night. This is the big draw in town this week at MSU's Wharton Center. It's a nearly 3 hour performance. The first hour or so, I must admit, I was looking at my watch a bit. There was a lot of set-up to build to the second half of the performance. After the intermission (Toblerone's = delicious), it was outstanding. I've heard better songs and better vocal performances come through Wharton but, as a spectacle, very entertaining! It's worth a look for any live theater fans out there.

Meanwhile, I have pulled the trigger on another race registration. I will be doing my first trail run on August 11th. It's a 10 miler promising rolling hills. How different is a trail run? I don't know but I'm gonna find out. I'll do some reshuffling to my long run schedule as the weekend of this race I was scheduled for a 19 miler but will instead do this 10 miler. No problem. I'm looking forward to it.

Running Update:
Sunday's long run was a little tough. It was the farthest I've gone since Bayshore. After about 11 miles, I noticed the hamstrings started getting real tight, real quick. I managed to finish my planned distance.
14 miles
7:18 pace
Happy trails.


L*I*S*A said...

Great job on the run. Hell, with tight hamstrings, I'd love to clock times like yours!

I'm entertaining a race that same weekend...the Run Thru Hell. :)

Mike said...

nice looking run.

Give me a day or so and i may have an indication ofr when we can do a long run together