Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Run Into a Cherry Summer

This is one of those "fine folks" posts so buckle up.*

You don't need me to tell you that we are in the midst of summer.  You might have noticed the sweat pools under your arms, back, and cankles.  I slept on my back last night and awoke to the sounds of hootin' and hollerin', pistol fires, and barely audible rock music.  My natural body lice** had set up a swimming pool in my belly button to cool off and were having a great time.  I let them be and went back to sleep.  Heck, even completely naturally occurring body lice - that we ALL have - need a little relief from the heat sometimes.

Starting smooth segue in 3-2-1...What better way to run in summer than with a new Garmin and some cherries, right?

Brownwood Acres, near my ancestral hometown, sent me a care package of cherry related products.  Many of them are in the picture below (not the Garmin or the woman, however.)

In exchange for these free goods, they would love me to tell you about their Run Into Summer giveaway where you could WIN a Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS or a year's supply of CherryFlex (which promotes healthy joints) or weekly winners of various cherry related products or a gentle massage from the woman in the photo (assumed).   They'd like me to tell you about this giveaway but I'm not going to do it because it only lowers my chances to win.

Did I mention that I love cherries?  Want to see me tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue?  Email me.

Let me take you back a bit...Little Nitmos, a precocious but devilishly handsome tot with the sexiest bowl cut east of Lake Michigan, was raised in the self-proclaimed cherry capital of the world.  My fondest cherry-related childhood memory is..watching our only cherry tree get cut down by city workers because we didn't spray it and it posed a threat to the other cherry trees in the region.  That was a sad day.  I ate my potentially disease-riddled last few cherries between tears and seed spits all the while barely jostling a hair along my ruler-straight hairline -  1/2 inch above my uni brow.

I'm sure there are other little Nitmii - thousands perhaps -  in the region right now eating their cherries and running and eating more cherries and promoting more healthy joints and eating still more cherries and promoting their fabulous bowl cuts.  We They would like you to join us them.

Enter the contest.  Eat more cherries and cherry-related products.  Possibly win a Garmin or awesome cherry stuff or a gentle massage (assumed).  Experience the benefit of this superpower fruit.  Benefit my homeland.  Let the young cherry Nitmii prosper and multiply until critical mass is reached....

Well *ahem* never mind all that.  A "product review" isn't really the place for willy nilly talk of world domination.

This is all about the cherries.  Git some.  We'll worry about "other matters" another time.  Believe me, everything is just fine, folks.


Happy trails.

* For you FMS newbies, "fine folks" is a derogatory description around these parts.  I simply cannot read a product review on some one's blog where that person hasn't referred to the donating company as "fine folks".    As in "The fine folks of Company X sent me...".  Ugh.  FMS maintains a strict anti-Fine Folks policy.
** We all have it.  Right?
And you're welcome for not making you "Like" me or them on Facebook, or Twit this or that, or send chain emails to 5000 friends.  If you want to enter, enter.  No business of mine.  See?  Entering a giveaway CAN be pretty easy.


Deb said...

FIRST! Meaning, I took your cherry, no?

Natalie ~ This Chick Will Run said...

Thanks for posting about the giveaway. In my third week of running, I need all the help I can get!

MizFit said...

I hear you say I need to run.

Rain said...

Thanks, again, as always you make me laugh...I needed it today.

Elizabeth said...

I drank out of my hose this morning...I feel extra stupid now.

I bet I could beat you in tying a cherry stem with my tongue.