Friday, July 06, 2012

Randumbery Hates Mascots

After two product posts, I figured I should at least let you ease into the weekend with a lame Randumbery.   This is a real half-ass one too.  I’m on vacation next week! 

You’ve all probably seen this by now:

That’s Mahiedine Makhissi-Benabbad, French Olympian, and the 3000 meter steeplechase champion winning then assaulting a 14 year old girl in mascot outfit that looks like a pack of paper towels.  What’s my reaction to this?

Awesome!  There simply needs to be more assaults and violence in running competitions.  It’d really spice things up.  I’d like to see what Ryan “Razor Elbows” Hall could do to Meb the Calf Mangler over the course of 26.2 miles besides, you know, the running.  Seriously, did we care anything about the European Championship 3000 meter steeplechase until Benabbad started knocking over teenage girls dressed as paper towels?  What we owe the man is a "Thank You".  Thanks for bringing the sport into the spotlight!

And who likes a mascot anyway?*  They are as useless as a cheerleader.  We have a local green guy, Sparty, that annoys everyone around here.  Until the age of ten, my kids thought he was a felon and were slightly afraid of him, thanks to a few well placed comments whispered into their tender little brains from yours truly.  I’d love to see Benabbad meet up with him after a race.

Chi-Town Yo-Yo

It’s vacation week for the Nitmos clan.  And when we vacation, we do it right!  That means, lots of time in the car and driving back and forth to Chicago every weekend!  What could be better?  That’s how you all vacation, right?

We start out in northern Michigan.  Then, a trip to the Windy City after, followed by a return to Up North, Michigan for lakes and boats, followed by a return to Chicago again next weekend for a Chicago Fire** game.  The second Chicago excursion was a late booking as the kids’ soccer club arranged a play date with the team.  There will be tailgating, on field scrimmages and ball boy assistance.  By game time, I should be all lit up and ready for a full scale European-style  BRAWL!!  I’m going to find the nearest mascot…

Speaking of soccer, both of the kids re-made their premier teams for the coming season.  I know you were concerned and all.  You can look forward to another year’s worth of photos!  By the way, soccer season actually begins again in t-minus 10 days…..

What Training Plan?

It just dawned on me that I’m about 17 weeks away from the NYC Marathon.  I don’t have a training plan written and you know what?  I’m not going to write one.  Like most of my running these days, I’m going to just go with feel on this one.  I haven’t written any plan down in over two years and things have worked out.  What could possibly go wrong?

Although I keep forgetting about the Dances with Dirt trail run in September.  Someone better tell me my leg assignments soon.   I’m highly allergic to poison ivy and I hear there is lots of it on the trail.  I’m sure it will work out…what could possibly go wrong?

Here’s to hoping there’s a giant green three leaf mascot named "Ivy" at the finish.  I’d love to go all Benabbad over its ass.

If you’ve run more than five marathons, do you still write out a training plan??

Happy trails. 

While FMS does not officially endorse mascot abuse, for legal reasons, it is unofficially encouraged and monetarily rewarded in the most hypothetical, legal way possible.
**I know, it’s the MLS but that’s the best we got around here.


B. Kramer said...

I've written a plan out, but I'm hardly following it, much like last year. I've been considering what might happen if I just wing it. Good luck us ... Cheers!

Deb said...

I don't follow a plan, but I do make sure that I get in a few 20 milers. Of course, I also barely broke 4 hours at my last marathon, so I should probably reconsider this whole "plan" thing of which you speak.

Drea said...

Hey- I was a mascot. I was a KINGWOOD Cougar. Yeah it was lots of fun to wear a four inch thick fur suit in the 110 Texas heat. I actually had my red shorts dye my white socks pink and my mom made me shower in the hose before my stink came inside. And yes- everyone punched me! I put my kids in a run camp this summer and it really highlights how boring running is ;). I mean we just line them up and run and do drills for an hour and they are like BORING! Hmmmmm, I never noticed that side of running. Ah kids. Training plan- i would at least have a rough one. You want to have fun in NYC.

elizabeth said...

I would at least plan out your long runs if nothing else.

Ironman By Thirty said...

Have you seen this homage to your hometown yet??

C said...

So I left Chicago last night and now you're going there.

I see what you did there. Well played, sir.

Laura said...

No training plan for me, but I've never been an advocate of training plans (even for my first marathon). Keep me posted on your NYC plans!

Beth said...

I still follow a plan, but have used several different ones. My husband has run 20 marathons, and he doesn't follow a set plan. He'll do whatever I'm doing or whatever his training group is doing. I think when you have run that many, as long as you get some decent mileage in you are fine.