Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Dead Mill

Several readers recently pointed out that my posts lately seem soaked in testosterone and burped onto the blog with a chest thumping primal growl. Let’s review….I see arm wrestling, beards, erect nipples, ninjas, and Stallone all in the last three posts. I don’t know what you are talking about. I never mentioned bears or farts once.

But I’m all about appeasement here so I’ll fore go today’s planned post about ‘things you can power drill after drinking a six pack’ and instead go with a topic near and dear to all of our hearts: treadmills.

You’ve all heard the nicknames: dreadmills, rubber band of doom, treadkills, etc. You name it…there’s a million derogatory nicknames out there for them. No one likes them but sometimes they are our only choice when you need to get a run in. It’s kinda like George Lopez on Lopez Tonight. You might want to see his guest but you really don’t want to watch George Lopez – who does? – so you weigh the pros and cons of guest vs. host on the scale of tolerance. ‘I really want to see Carrot Top so I guess I’ll deal with George Lopez.’ This is the same as thinking: ‘I really want to run so I guess I’ll deal with the treadmill.’

I try to keep my yearly tally of treadmill activity countable on one hand. Anything 5 miles and under can be done outside no matter the weather conditions. If I’m going to be out in a thunderstorm or blizzard for more than 45 minutes, well, I’ll consider the mill (if I can’t just postpone a day and go outside the next after the inclement weather passes). Last winter, I actually completed a 15 miler and two 18 milers on the mill. True story. It’s not so hard once you convince yourself that suicide is your only other option. And by mile 10 on a treadmill, to be honest, suicide starts becoming more attractive. Sisyphus? What a wimp. At least by pushing that boulder, he had a goal…a destination.

I haven’t been on the mill since last January but I know my millless days streak is numbered. The 20 degree days and harsh blowing winds are causing my Christmas lights to rattle ominously against my siding as I type. That could be me out there! That could be my teeth chattering. That could be my nuts internalizing. Hell, that will be me out there in a few short hours. I’ll be freezing my nuts off and my nuts are more of the lover-type than a fighter.

There are two truths I know to be, er, true. (1) Running is fun. (2) Treadmills should be tossed in the ocean.

Imagine my surprise when someone decided to sponsor this blog by expressing these two truths. Look, here’s photo evidence (and link on the sidebar):

The site of a drowned treadmill warms my Dimple Twins. That’s exactly where a treadmill should be – under water. Treadmill abuse, so far at least, goes unregulated. What do you call a thousand treadmills under water? A good start.

To be fair, the treadmills in the above photo are designed to be used under water and come in handy for rehab activities as well as low-impact cardiovascular training. I’m sure there’s a lot of merit to their use in this manner.

For me, it’s merely treadmill porn. I look at that picture and think “that’s great but can’t we push it deeper under water?” with an evil cackle. Maybe I’m the John Wayne Gacy of treadmills? I’m not saying treadmills should suffer but could we at least rip some of the wiring apart and slice up the mill itself a bit before submerging it. Let a fella have a little fun first, right?!

Of course, on the few occasions when I need one, I hope the gym will have a newly oiled and dry one ready for my use. Afterwards, they can chuck it in the pool for all I care.

Happy trails.

What would YOU like to see done to a treadmill?

If I think someone has really thought outside of the box and come up with something really clever, maybe I will post about bears and farting. It's in your hands, people.

See? This post was less man-driven. I only referenced a six pack of beer, my nuts, and a serial killer.

What? No one going to congratulate me on reaching 400 posts with my last posting? If you aren’t keeping track…who is? Selfish.


Mike said...

I would like to see a treadmill placed on one of those conveyor belts that feed into a blast furnace.

Marlene said...

I thought I was badass for busting out a 13-miler on the 'mill a couple weeks ago. 15? 18? It would have to be REALLY bad out there. And the way things are going so far this pre-winter, that is rather likely.

Jess said...

Wow, you've done 18 miles on a treadmill and then actually did it again at some point? Kudos.

Elizabeth said...

Other than props to really funny youtube videos, I see no other purpose for treadmills.

Razz said...

i thought that "christmas lights" and "siding" were euphemisms. My bad.

Sun Runner said...

I ran 14 miles on a treadmill last winter. It was the most dreadful run I have EVER done.

Robin said...

I ran 12 miles on the treadmill ONE time. After that, I bundled up, sucked it up and ran outside. I'd rather freeze than be bored out of my mind watching loops of tv shows I don't control at the gym!

Vava said...

I'm with Robin. 14k is the longest I've ever gone on the human hamster wheel, and that is much too far. Only way I can stand to run on a treadmill these days is to vary the pace and do more interval type runs - keeps things less boring, though more painful.

400 posts? Nice work.

What I'd like to see done to a treadmill (and specifically the ones available to me at my gym)? Make them all metric!

B. Kramer said...

C4 + treadmill = chest bump. Back to the manliness. Cheers!

Doug said...

I'd like to see a treadmill forced to do 18 miles, on another treadmill.

Lindsay said...

I did 20 on the TM once. In September. Apparently I don't even need the weather excuse.

I must say I was honored to see a comment from the (in)famous nitmos on my blog the other day! I've been stalking you for about 2 yrs now, and hearing bits and pieces about you on other blogs...

Reluctant Runner said...

I would like to see the treadmill completely ignored, collecting dust in the corner of the room, maybe even holding a few loads of laundry or a stack of newspapers. That'll teach it.

The Boring Runner said...

I actually don't mind treadmill runs of less than 6 miles. Call me strange....

Also I lovekicking puppies and running on my underwater rubberband

Laura said...

I've done 18 miles on an elliptical, but never a treadmill for more than 2 miles or so. WAY too boring! I'd rather run outside.