Thursday, October 11, 2007

Chicago Marathon in Pictures

We're off! (Me = navy blue shirt , left of center - Perry the Joggler directly behind me in red shirt)

Feelin' good...7:15 ish pace and still happy. Steers salute!

Still running fine here...

Getting a little hot....

Halfway @ 1:36:09...but something is not right!?

Who am I kidding? I saw the camera and pretended to run. Legs are all knotted up below the knee by this time.

Final stretch on Columbus. D'oh! Leg cramps!

I guess I'll have to walk a bit.

Made a slight jog/shuffle even!

Reunite with the wife (sporting her Nitmos #1 fan shirt, of course)

Reunite with Mike and a joint Steers salute! Why we choose to wear navy blue on a sunny 90 degree day remains an open mystery.

Thanks to my wife Jill, Fun Guv and Marathon Foto for the visual aids.

I think one more post wrapping up Chicago ought to do it.

Happy trails.


Nancy said...

Love race photos. I looked through all 1000 from my last race, and not one! Probably just as yell. I haven't achieved runner body yet!

Yeah to the Nitmos #1 Fan !! Great job, again, for living to tell about this.

Iron Jayhawk said...

Nicely done, Nitmos. You look great in your pics, even when you're cramping up.

Fun Guv said...

Great pics, go figure they caught you just as you were cramping up. I just checked out Mike's and amazingly this year he has a ton. I'm sure he'll be posting when he gets back home.

L*I*S*A said...

Great 'em.

Great salute, too.

Arron said...

thanks for sharing. later.