Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Big Dance

...with the Devil?
Nah, I hold no animosity against the marathon course. In fact, I think the marathon wants us to complete it. It just wants to make you earn it first.
I think of Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore imploring the golf ball to drop into the hole. It's your home. Go home. It's our course. Run it well. Get to the finish line!!

I'm locked and loaded for the Chicago Marathon. One more short 4 mile warm-up tomorrow night and it's rest, relax, fuel up, and explode onto the streets of Chicago!

I'm looking forward to the expo. Maybe I'll try and corral Hal Higdon and Dean Karnazes into a photo. I'm sure no one else will be trying to do this right?

This will be my third marathon. I'm really looking forward to this weekend. Somehow, I feel free from the pressure I experienced with the first two. Maybe because I no longer lack confidence in handling the distance? I know I can run 26.2 miles. The only question now is how fast?

Over these last few years, I've made a complete transformation from a part-time runner trying to stay in shape for basketball season to a full blown marathoner with little time or desire for hoops anymore. In effect, I'm my own Happy Gilmore (of course, his was hockey to golf).

I may or may not see any fellow bloggers out on the course. I wish for all of you a terrific race! I continue to enjoy the benefits of our shared experiences though and look forward to reading your race reports next week.

See you Friday, Mike, for our drive to Chicago.

Good Luck Chicago Marathoners!

Next post: 2007 Chicago Marathon Race Report

As always, a special thanks to the wife and family for continuing to support my "habit".

Happy trails to you.

Now let's kick some ass. Weather be damned.


Nancy said...

Yes, Kick some A. Hope you have a great experience.

Arron said...

its go time fore sure!! have a great race. later.

Russ said...

may your karma be good and the wind be at your back....

L*I*S*A said...

Yep, let's kick some ass.

Personally, I'm psyched about a warm marathon. :)

Bring it.

Mir said...

You're gonna do great! I'll be thinking of you and all my other Chicago Marathon friends while I'm treading the streets of Minneapolis/St. Paul!