Monday, April 26, 2010


Long runs like that come few and far between! As you know, I’m not given to hyperbole – everything you see and read here is exactly 100% real – but I felt like I could run ALL DAY Sunday.

Considering the happy dance I was doing two weeks ago after my 20 miler, the 22 miles this weekend had me little nervous. I’m all about the post long run endorphin rush and smug feeling of satisfaction of a job well done. But when that is served with a side of muscle spasms…well, it somewhat diminishes my general feeling of invincibility.

This time, homeboy here made a plan and, more importantly, stuck to it. I targeted an overall training pace of 7:25/mile with slower first 5 miles and faster final 5 miles. You know….ease into it instead of going out too fast and then holding on for dear life over the final 5 miles. It’s a training run for chrissakes!

AS GWB would say, “Mission Accomplished!” Except, in this case, the mission actually was accomplished. Twenty-two miles @ 7:22 pace (2:42 time). The first mile was the slowest; the last mile the fastest! Post-run, no happy dance and no spasms. In fact, I felt pretty good and had no problem jumping right in the car and driving an hour to my colt’s soccer game (a 6-3 win with colt knocking in a goal and an assist).

So what makes the difference between a good long run and a bad long run? The weather conditions were almost exactly the same. For the 22, I stopped one extra time for water. I took it a bit easier at the beginning of the 22. Other than that, really, the only thing I did different was pop some Tylenol after 13 miles as a cramping preemptive strike. Could it be that simple? Or, more likely, is it just one of the mysteries of the human body? There are good days and bad days and you’ll just have to roll the dice to find out which today is.

I was flying high the rest of the day. Damn, if I could bottle that long run come race day – and all long runs for that matter – and sell it I’d finally be able to pay off my running shoes bill. As I was gliding into home with a 7 minute finishing mile, I could feel the testosterone surging through me. I ran inside and to the closest mirror sure that I had sprouted a mustache somewhere along the run. There was no way a run could be that studly without developing a Burt Reynolds mustache. No ‘stache though I’m pretty sure I had two new chest hairs.

The rungasm built slowly over 22 miles. Had I rushed things like normal, I may have peaked too soon (within 5 minutes…at the half mile mark, I guess). Instead, the endorphin euphoria lasted the entire day.

Is it wrong to have a cigarette after a solid long run?

Happy trails.

It’s soccer season again in these parts. For some reason, soccer plays twice a year (fall and spring) whereas every other sport has just one season. The filly had an exciting come from behind 2-1 victory due, I’m sure in no small part, to my 4th quarter strategy tweaks. I’m not going to say I won the game for them…but I’m pretty sure they didn’t win the game without my assistance, if you know what I mean.

Meanwhile, the colt posted victories of 10-0 (2 goals/1 assist) and 6-3 (1 goal/1 assist) and remained in first place. Over the last 10 games, he’s knocked in 14 goals and sent 12 more balls over the crossbar (grrrr) and watched at least 10 Manchester United games on ESPN2. Rooney!


22 miles in 2:42:02 @ 7:22 pace.


X-Country2 said...

I LOVE that successful long run feeling. Post-shower, with a smoothie and curled up on the couch exhausted for a nap is the best feeling in the world.

Sounds like you're ready to race.

Viper said...

Way to rub one out. Ew.

Morgan said...

Long run euphoria is the best! Oh how I miss that feeling... must be time to start training again.

TCHusker - Nate said...

If I could figure out how to make every 20 miler a good long run I'd be thrilled. I always have at least one 20+ run that's just miserable.

Ace said...

22 miles in 2:42? Sounds a bit like "premature" finishing. You need to stretch that thing out to four+ hours. That is what I call staying power!

p.s. Skip United, Go Fulham!

Deb said...

Man, you're speedy fast! Which is generally NOT the way to achieve"rungasm", but I'm glad to hear it's working for you.

Rad Runner said...

Sounds like you had a great run! Still laughing at the post name- props!

Mike G said...

Lionel Messi strong!