Friday, September 28, 2007

Ear Candy

Things have been busy at work lately. The nice thing about my job is that I generally work alone and can put on the ole headphones and rock out whilst drawing a paycheck. I'll zone out working away and, next thing I know, the album has recycled three times and it's lunch time. Good deal.

With the marathon approaching, I'm overdue on loading my MP3 up with new tunes. Of course, I won't be wearing my MP3 during the race. That would be against the rules. And I'm all about rules.

So, if I theoretically were to bring my MP3 along for 26.2, here's what I might listen to:

Icky Thump by The White Stripes

I've been rocking out to this recently. Some good stuff on here for those for the taste for something, er, different.

Minutes to Midnight by Linkin Park

This is a good album. At first, I thought it was of lesser quality than their two previous efforts but, after repeated listenings, I'm into it. Just a bit poppier (look at that, I just made up a word) than the last two.

I'll mix some of these songs in - with Springsteen's new album coming out next week - along with my traditional standbys (more Springsteen, some AC/DC, Green Day, more Linkin Park,The Killers, etc) and, viola, a nice, happy run it makes.

Last year, I wore my ear buds the entire way at the Chicago Marathon but never once turned my MP3 on. The same may happen this time. But I'll at least be prepared for those long, never ending miles past the half way point when the crowds grow sparse.

Question for my few readers: Has anyone successfully used their Garmin, or other like device, during the Chicago Marathon? I've heard it said that you cannot get a signal during this event for some fairly obvious (and tall) reasons. Just wanted to confirm this with anyone who has first hand knowledge.

Happy taper trails.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

I have a whole collection of 70's and 80's soft rock you could try :D Somehow, I'm guessing the answer is no.

Sorry no help on the Garmin, I have definitely run down there with mine and done fine, but not the exact marathon route. The only time I have trouble is in a tunnel or with heavy trees directly overhead.

Good luck. It's gonna be a blast.

L*I*S*A said...

I haven't heard anything about the Garmin. I'm bringing mine, but I haven't decided if I'm wearing it. Same goes for the Shuffle.

Russ said...

white stripes rule!!!! my favorite is still white blood cells...funny you mention springsteen...i just downloaded a bunch from itunes...the new song (radio nowhere) far as garmin...i went to motion based and checked out the trail network...looks like poor/fair coverage..but enough to get by...this guy was able to get laps:

you should be fine

Mike said...

tough call on the garmin cause i've been with you when yours crapped out once.

i plan on taking mine and i'm not sure why, other than i always run with it. it's my security blanket.

i think i may just go all springsteen/all the time for this hypo involving using tunes to gain an illegal edge over the comp.

Love the new stuff

aham23 said...

the garmin will work, but coverage will be fair to poor. i plan to sport mine and let it record what it does. the clock always ticks no matter if you drop the GPS so it will and does fill in the blanks. later.

Fun Guv said...

I've heard great things about the new White Stripes album, I'm dying to hear it. Maybe we'll have to give it a listen on the way to Chicago?

See ya Friday mornin'

Mir said...

For races in general, my opinion is that less is always better. It can be stressful to worry about not getting a signal, and also to compare the Garmin-miles to the race-mile and wonder which is off. For races now I just bring a watch that can get splits and just go. I've never regretted it (unless it's a small race without mile markers but I don't think you have to worry about that here). :)

If I don't get a chance to comment again before this weekend, best of luck at Chicago!!