Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Checking My List; Checking It Twice

Or, Life as an Anal Retentive.

I admit to slavishly following routine. Typically, I'm very organized, write lots of lists, and keep to my schedule. That doesn't mean I'm really uptight though. In fact, most people who know me describe me as very laid back. There has always been this dichotomy lurking within. To the outside world, I'm an easy going guy always up for doing something fun (rather than work). On the inside, I'm quietly counting every penny spent, meticulously planning my upcoming days - nay, hours - and fretting over last minute changes to my schedule.

When it comes to planning trips, er races, I usually mull over the slightest details constantly. I've checked my hotel reservations at least 3 times. Yep, still reserved. Go figure. I'll probably check a few more times also.

I've had internal debates about whether or not I should wear those shorts on today's run. Those are my race shorts and I want them clean for the marathon. Yeah, I know I have 2 weeks to wash them but maybe, just maybe....well, I'd hate for them not to be ready.

Did you know the weather constantly changes in the Midwest? I do. I've grown up here. However, that doesn't stop me from checking the weather channel constantly to see what might be happening in the Chicago area on October 7th.

I pretty much know to the second when we'll be hoping in the car to drive over. And when we'll be at the registration expo.

And my 13 miles this weekend? Despite the cold that prevented me from breathing most of the night and despite the Vicks vapor rub odor permeating the air within 3 feet of me, there I was getting those miles in. The schedule said to do them so there I was.

All of this may seem like a drag to others but, for me, it's somehow fun. There's probably some sort of psychological Need for Control thing going on here (I am the youngest of three brothers). I've given up trying to fight it. Embrace it! Revel in it! Quietly.

Happy trails.


Mir said...

You do know what happens the one time you decide not to check, right? :) Of course, something only goes wrong when you don't check it, so by checking it you ensure that it's already been taken care of.

Also, up-to-the-minute weather information is vital so you can change your race-day outfit as often as possible. Good old Midwest.

Ah yes...I'm the same way.

Mike said...

dude, compared to the rest of your family you are laid back.

Don't worry, your friends see you for the neurotic that you are.

Fun Guv wishes i was a little more organized. i'll end up just grabbing the closest shirt and shorts to run in.

aham23 said...

you appear because you are. you are organized and in control. something a lot of people strive for, but find had to achieve.

now, are you sure your room is booked??


Non-Runner Nancy said...

I am not much of a detail person and it sort of stinks. I need the lists to make sure I have what I need. :) Finally learned this, after years of just saying, "I'm not a detail person."

And a schedule? That has saved me on many a day when I would have otherwise skipped out. I love a schedule. :)

You are gonna rock Chicago.

Russ said...

right with you there...drive wife crazy with my lists...everything goes into my treo...and don't get me started about checking my passport and plane tickets like dustin hoffman in rainman waiting for wopner....but also with the dichotomy, i'm somewhat (ok allwhat) a very untidy person...and very nonplussed by crisis...i think it is a good balance....