Friday, June 22, 2007

In Process...

Postings may be sporadic over the next few weeks.

Job is in the busy season. We have some family mini vacations on the horizon.

As you can see, I've started repainting a bit. Still going with the boring standard templates offered by Blogger though. I've tried to lighten the colors a bit. I love the color blue but recognize it is a bit difficult to read white text on a blue background so I dumped my previous layout. I'd like to juice up the header but still investigating the best way to do that. In the meantime, mind the dust and nails, reconstruction will be complete soon (whenever time permits).

I'm back into my regular running mode (i.e. obsessing about not missing a run). Starting slowly into my training plan but will pick up steam over the next few weeks. Did over 4 miles at 6:51 pace earlier in the week and 6.25 miles at 7:08 pace last night. I have a 9+ miler scheduled for Sunday.

We were gone on a quick family mini trip to Chicago and Six Flags last weekend. I'll see if I can dig up some exciting news from that trip in the next post.

Happy running.

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