Thursday, June 07, 2007

Changes Coming

I've lived with this basic blog look since it's inception. Mainly out of pure laziness to develop it further. At the very least, it's due for a new coat of paint. And with Chicago approaching, maybe I'll try to match the color pattern to the next marathons official colors? I think they are black and gold for the 30th anniversary.

I've been taking it easy on the running front lately. I reward myself with two easy weeks following a marathon before diving back in to regular running mode. I've done just two lazy 3 mile runs since Bayshore. Next week, I'll get back on my regular schedule. I've printed and modified Hal Higdon's Intermediate II plan to follow for Chicago. Once again, I'll attempt to hit his weekly LR target but the rest of the week, that's all my creation. Basically, I took his 18 week template and deleted out the Mon-Sat runs and entered my own. I think at this point I have a decent idea of what works for me. No need to even pretend I'm going to follow someone else's for the weekday runs.


A) Did anyone notice the article on page 96-97 of the latest Runner's World? He was wearing a Traverse City Running Fit shirt.

B) The Tigers were decent hitting but superb pitching team in 2006. This year, they are a superb hitting but only decent pitching team. A complete flip-flop. I think the pitching will improve though as the year goes on.

C) I think the Pistons deserved their fate.

D) I don't think the Red Wings deserved theirs those. One tipped puck from controlling the series against Anaheim. Painful to see the Ducks skating around with the Cup last night. Tsk, tsk.

E) Reefer Madness: Interesting read. Basically, the author assembled and expanded on 3 article's he had written previously for a magazine. The subjects: marijuana, illegal migrant workers, and the porn industry and the impact on our economy through the black market. Each of these markets are examined in the context of what "we", society, consider moral and how our views on morality shift over time.

F) We were lured into each of the big Hollywood blockbuster Part 3's recently: Spiderman 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and Shrek 3. I think all three were the worst of their respective trilogy. I left each thinking 'if they don't make another one, that's fine with me'. None of the films were terrible. They just couldn't live up to the hype or quality of the preceding films in my opinion.

G) We finished viewing season 1 of Weeds. Hilarious. I love TV series' featuring foul mouthed 4th graders and pot dealing mothers.

H) We are now renting season 3 of Rescue Me. Good show. Check it out.

Now that you're all caught up, have a good weekend.


Fun Guv said...

New season of Rescue Me starts on Wed (13th) at 10pm ~ FX. We can't wait. I absolutely LOVE this show. We own the seasons on DVD.

L*I*S*A said...

I'm off to see yet another sequel...Oceans13. :)

I love Rescue Me. It's a great show.

Ditto on Weeds..only saw it a few times, but it's fantastic.

Mir said...

Can't wait to see how Chicago training goes. I followed Higdon Intermediate II fairly closely for my PR marathon two years ago and it worked well.