Monday, April 09, 2007

Weekend Report

Okay, so, a few things went on this weekend: running, a performance of Rent (viewing - not performing), drove to Traverse City (3.5 hours) and back in one day to pick up the kids from a week at grandma's, and, of course, Easter.

Starting with....RENT.

What a terrific show! The wife and I enjoyed it. It was a a great evening all in all. First, without the kids around, we headed out to a quiet dinner at the Red Cedar Grill in Williamston. Our tastes don't run to the expensive but this was a slightly classier place than we would normally visit (i.e. no kids crayons and coloring books for children). The wife ordered the chicken and mac/cheese and I had the best pot roast I've ever eaten. Of course, half of our check came from drinks from the bar. It was that kind of night.

The show itself was terrific. Great songs and an interesting plot. At first, I was having a hard time getting into it but it slowly grabs hold and you are absorbed before you know it. Les Miserables still holds the title as my favorite musical but this was right up there. Having just received the brochure for next season's Wharton Center shows, it's time to order again!

Running Update:

On Friday, I headed out for my 8 miler. It was cold and windy and I was back in wind pants and my North Face Apex Bionic jacket. In other words, bundled up. I had every intention of doing 8 on Friday and 18 on Easter Sunday. For the first 7 miles, I sputtered about the cold and wind and how tight my legs felt until I was nearly home. Then, I made a split second decision to stop for a GU break and continue on and get the 18 out of the way. I was already out, loosened up, and cold anyhow right? Might as well do 10 more miles and call it a day. So I did. (18 miles @7:35 pace)

Sunday's 8 miler was a little tough. More cold. More wind (some paranormal investigator needs to come to Okemos and examine how the wind can be blowing directly in my face during an entire run when I travel every geographical direction on my route!) My legs were still extremely tight and sore from Friday's LR. Sunday night found me leaning hard on the stair rail for each up/down trip. My Achilles and quads were aching. Mental note: I must look into this "ice bath" concept. (8 miles @ 7:35 pace)

Easter Sunday was a nice day home with the kids and wife. I think they liked what the bunny brought them. My daughter loves Care Bears and she found a few of them in her basket. My son received a new aluminum bat for his upcoming baseball season. We tried to hit some balls for a couple minutes but everyone was frozen so the game ended quickly.

This is a cutback week on my running schedule. I think I need it.


L*I*S*A said...

Talk about a great pace each day!! Way to get it done. Glad RENT was so good, too. I'd love to see a show someday. Sounds like fun.

Mir said...

Wow, spur-of-the-moment 18-miler--that's pretty impressive. I might have had a good 20-miler, but only because I obsessed about it for a week. :) Do look into the ice bath thing. It is a LIFE SAVER. If you sit in the tub and let the water run, it's way more bearable. It's much easier to add ice once you're already in. A space heater and a sweatshirt on top also help enormously.

I agree with you about wind. Seriously, how is it possible to be running into the wind both ways during an out-and-back? I find this happens with hills around here, as well. Sigh.

Mike said...

great pace and determination for such a nasty weekend.

Glad to hear you liked RENT.