Monday, April 02, 2007

Opening Day!!

Opening day for the Detroit Tigers is here! Hard to believe it is baseball season again what with both the Pistons and Red Wings leading their respective conferences and their playoffs right around the corner. I love baseball. At least, I love watching baseball. I don't really play it anymore. In fact, I haven't played an actual organized game of baseball since about 1992. But, for a statistics geek, baseball is heaven. And it doesn't hurt when your team is one of the favorites to win it all either. Go Tigers! The wife, on the other hand, hates baseball season. She tolerates the occasional Red Wing or Piston game but the Tigers? Yes, hun, they pretty much play every day.

Prediction: 93-69 and a wild card playoff spot.

Weekend in Running:
Slow down, relax, take it easy. These were the thoughts heading into Sunday's 17 miler. Two miles in, I pretty much ignored them all. Again, I went at a faster than planned pace for the duration of the run. I'm trying to convince myself that I'm building stamina, strength, and confidence at this pace. What I'm probably doing is running myself into injury, burning out, and "peaking" too soon. Time will tell. Next week, I promise to pull back a little. Really, I will.

The Numbers:

17.0 miles
2:05:13 time
7:22 pace

Miles 1-5 7:23 pace
Miles 6-10 7:22 pace
Miles 11-15 7:23 pace
Miles 16-17 7:18 pace

Three comments:
1) I was able to maintain a BQ pace for 17 miles. Can I hold on for 9 more miles? Not sure...but more time to train.
2) I like the consistency across each 5 mile segment. That's encouraging. I've been focusing on smoothing out my running pace and these results indicate some success.
3) Not one mile was above 7:30.

Like Spring, marathon training is in full bloom! Nice, big, round beautiful blood flowers appeared on my chest after Sunday's run. Time to dig out the body glide.


Russ said...

my wife has same thoughts about baseball..though last year, she could at least identify todd jones as the roller coaster...nice run, though it's definitely too fast - unless you are planning to run a 6:30 pace :)

L*I*S*A said...

I'm with your wife. I'd rather gouge out my eyeballs with a pencil than watch a game of baseball.

I may start watching if they institute a pitching just takes tooooooo long....yawn....

Mike said...

bummer of a way to start the season.

things can only get better

Mir said...

I enjoy some baseball, but I haven't gotten into it lately. My mom is from Cleveland so I used to follow them but I lost track when I went to college.

Nice 17-miler! I can hold that pace...for 2 miles. :-P