Monday, February 19, 2007


I'm in a weather-induced running slump.

I have no treadmill....or access to one short of paying for a gym membership which I don't want to do just for 2 winter I have to complete my runs outside...

Now I remember why, in prior years, I didn't run much in Jan and Feb.

I was in danger of posting only 6 miles for last week. SIX MILES!

The wife and I took a long weekend in Traverse City and returned yesterday at 6 PM. I rushed inside, threw on my running gear and took off for another 6 mile run (supposed to be 11 but who's counting?). For the week, I managed a pathetic total of 12.25 miles. I am determined that this is the low point. With the weather looking better, it's time to get serious.

6.13 miles
7:48 pace/mi

Side Note #1: I had this weird sensation that I was about to be attacked by a wolf while running at the back of a heavily wooded neighborhood. I think it was because it was dark and I heard a large dog howling in the distance. Pretty ridiculous...but it did put a jump in my step. Ever get one of those weird feelings that something is stalking you while running?

Side Note #2: I want to give acknowledgement to my lovely, supportive wife. She reads this blog periodically and mentioned to me the other day that there was not much in here about her. Now, I thought I was doing us all a favor by keeping the personal business of the other innocent members of my family out of this column. However, I'll try and change that. :)

Wife put us into a hotel for the weekend. Cold weather, hot and kids. You can see where that went. Also, we tried one of the newer Traverse City restaurants - The Blue Tractor - which replaced Dill's Olde Towne saloon. Weird not to see Dill's there but this place was reasonably priced, pretty solid food, and had a nice atmosphere. Nothing fancy though. If you want a decent meal without going to a chain restaurant, I recommend.

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L*I*S*A said...

I can totally sympathize with you on the cold weather. It's really been getting to me, too, as you've read on my blog.

Like you said, the weather is turning, and we'll be back out there in no time, logging many, many miles.