Monday, February 12, 2007

Into the Wind

Just a quick maintenance post here. I missed my weekly LR last week. Originally, this was scheduled as a cutback week but it became a push week instead.

This was a tough run. Sunday morning it was around 19 sun...and a wind that wasn't evident from my front porch. It blasted me about a 1/2 mile in. I managed to turn away from it for a couple of miles but 4 of the last 6 miles had me taking it full frontal. I don't think I needed to use my own inhale function as the wind filled me up like a balloon with each breath. It seems like you can be maimed, embarrassed, or killed by over-consuming or over doing anything in life. I don't think there is such a thing as too much air is there? Death by air?

9.5 miles

...and happy to be done....all things considered.

After a run like that, I rush to the mirror to see if, by chance, I might have sprouted two more chest hairs. I know my voice sounded deeper the rest of the day...

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Jason The Running Man said...

Yes it is alot of supps. In fact I haven't used my protein powder since October and the Succeed products I have on the way and will utilize them as my mileage increases. But I'm with you besides my vitamins an energy bar is all I need right now. Not a big fan of the GU's though. Thanks for stopping by have a great day!