Monday, July 26, 2010

Numbers Lie

I was able to get a last minute entry into a local 5k this weekend.

I wish I hadn't. I'm not even going to dignify the "race" I ran with a report. Horrible, just horrible.

I've been training great all year but, for some reason, my heart just isn't into the actual races. I've consistently posted slower race times than training times in three consecutive events. I don't have race day anxiousness and excitement anymore. I find myself literally yawning during countdown.

File this under Numbers Lie:

Final results:

Overall: 21st of 1130
Age group: 3rd of 56

Yippee! Another coffee mug.

You won't be seeing a final finish time posted here as it sucks (compared to what I know I can do - I realize others would like to run my time but I'm speaking only of my own personal competitiveness with my past self). If I had posted this exact same time in either of the last two years, I would have finished no better than 40th overall. In a weird twist, this year's entry numbers were down as was the level of competition so my finish standings look way better than they should be. Don't be fooled, the numbers are lying liars.

I seem to be finishing higher up in my age group for both 5k's this year despite running slower times than the previous year. I figure if I get another 30 seconds slower next year, maybe I'll win my age group!

I'm on vacation now. Another 5k coming this Saturday.

Happy trails.


Ace said...

I think you're looking at this all wrong. Due to chaos theory-type global physics phenomena (like every other problem in the world, related to the BP oil spill) the oily ducks in the Gulf have thrown off the rotation of the Earth and everyone in the world is running slower! Therefore if you slow down less than everyone else, which from your numbers appears to be happening, you win!
Grats on your petroleum-based coffee mug.

The Merry said...

...some reason, my heart just isn't into the actual races.

As I suspected. Underneath your hard-bitten* exterior, you're too kind to completely grind us slower runners beneath your heel.

That's my theory, anyway. On behalf of the slow coaches, I would like to say "Thanks."

*Are some exteriors soft-bitten? Are we talking nibbled, or are people wearing dentures involved?

X-Country2 said...

Sounds like you need a good kick in the balls. Find that fire! I don't know what to do with mopey Nitmos.

Jess said...

Sorry your race times have been so disappointing. Sounds like you need to find that fire.

Al's CL Reviews said...

So you are slowing down in races? Next thing you know, you'll be running in cargos and calling yourself Vanilla.

middleagedrunner said...

"the numbers are lying liars..." I thought this was hysterical in a completely painful way. I'm sure that on your worst day you are twice as fast as I am despite those nasty lying numbers....