Thursday, July 19, 2012

2 x Chicago Intervals

My week of Chicago intervals is over.  We did '2 x Chicago' at a comfortably hard pace.  The first interval was accomplished fairly easily without the kids.  Fortunately, I took a camera during my laps.  Here’s some sights, sounds and smells from the first interval….mostly sights…
  • Did you know that every boat moored in Chicago must say ‘Chicago’ on it? (click to prostate enlargen any photo)

  • Mrs. Nitmos and I took a nice morning run down the beautifully endless lakefront path.

  • Then watched the sunset from the deep blue Lake Michigan.

  • Then took photos of each other like complete tourist jackasses.  But isn’t she lovely?

The first interval lasted two days and boy are my arms legs tired.  Believe me, I hydrated and hydrated well.  In fact, it seemed like I was hydrating from the time I got up until the time I went to sleep.  There are certainly a lot of “hydration stations” located throughout the city.  Goose Island, the local crafted beer?  Blech.  Pitooie.  Try again.

We stayed at a music themed hotel and slept below the creepiest photo I’ve ever seen in my life.  The man in the picture was especially disapproving of everything that went on in that room.  In fact, he was downright seething at some of the things to which he bore witness.  If I didn’t already know Mrs. Nitmos’ dad, I would have thought it was he. 

Can you identify this rocker?  There’s an obvious answer but, if you look closer, it may not be who you think it is.  I’m not going to mention my guess because it my taint yours.  Sorry for the camera phone quality photo.  Help us out here, who is this?  And where is he so that he can be properly arrested?  Those eyes are either pre-murder, pre-rape, or pre-arson eyes.

During our rest lap in Traverse City, we went for a awkward family photo at Old Mission point.

Then the filly kicked butt (3rd girl, about 8th overall) at a one mile Fun Run led by some construction guy from Extreme Home Makeover.

The second Chicago interval involved the kids….and soccer, of course.

  • Chicago Fire vs. Vancouver White Caps.  Fire win 1-0 (what other score did you expect?)

  • What would a professional soccer match be without a fire in the stands?  Or an attempt at self immolation two sections away?

  • And karate chop kicks to the face?

That’s our 2 x Chicago week.  Now, back to work…for two WHOLE weeks before my next week off.  Why do I take so much vacation?  Because I earn so much vacation. 

Happy Chicago.


Xenia said...

No clue who the rocker is, but I'm still laughing at your typo. You wrote 'my' instead of 'may' in front of taint. Intentional?

Redhead Running said...

Love all the pics and oh man, Spike is going to be SOOOOOOOOO jealous you got to hit up a soccer game!

Elizabeth said...

Bruce Springsteen?

Viper said...

Looks like Joe Strummer to me, but I can't find proof. Cheers!

Running Through Phoenix said...

I'm voting for Joe Strummer during his Mescaleros days.

Jill said...

I got nothing!

Drea said...

Your daughter looks like she could be really fast!

Walt said...

It's Joe Strummer of The Clash - pre-murder