Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Running List

So waaay back last spring when I finally decided to attempt a marathon, I, of course, went overboard and immediately jotted down a list of marathons I'd like to do in the future. Keep in mind, I hadn't actually completed the first one. Or trained for it. Or knew if I would even enjoy it. Knowing myself like I do, I figured everything would go well and I'd have so much fun I'd want to do more. And I was right!

Every day at work, I open my desk drawer to grab my pen and deposit my car keys and the first thing I see (besides my kids pictures) is that list I jotted last year of marathons I hope to run some day. Now, it has a few check marks next to a couple of the ones completed.

Some on my list are logistically and financially doable - and will be done - within a few years. Others will be more of a challenge.

I think it would be a nice accomplishment to complete the 5 marathons comprising the World Marathon Majors (Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, New York) but I'm not sure how often I'll find myself in London or Berlin. And convincing the wife (and myself, for that matter) to spend hard earned money to fly to Europe - twice - just to run a marathon could be a difficult sell. Maybe, Maybe for London but Berlin? Not a chance.

Here's my list of marathons I definitely want to run. I'd be curious to see anyone else's Must Run list. If you are reading this, take a turn and post yours. We might all learn of some new, exciting races out there.

In no particular order:

1) Chicago Marathon (accomplished 10/06; again on 10/07/07)
2) Flying Pig Marathon (Cincinnati - gotta admit I find the name funny and the medal is cool.)
3) New York Marathon
4) Bayshore Marathon (accomplished 5/07; Traverse City, MI; my hometown;beautiful run.)
5) Walt Disney World Marathon (registered for 1/08)
6) Country Music Marathon (Nashville - a friend recommended it)
7) Honolulu Marathon (do I need to give a reason?)
8) Boston Marathon (scheduled for 4/08 when I register next week)
9) Detroit Marathon (probably doing this next fall)
10) London Marathon

Happy trails.


L*I*S*A said...

Great idea...I think the only one on your list that I will probably do in the next few years is the Flying Pig.

You should give some serious consideration to the Martian Marathon right here in our own backyard. The gift swag is supposed to be GREAT!

Mir said...

Back in blogland!

That's a good list. I ran the Country Music Marathon in 06 and actually kind of hated it, but I think that's because I wasn't prepared for the hills. It was very dusty and windy (which of course no one can help). The cheerleaders and bands were getting really old by mile 15 or so. I dunno. It just depends on what you like to see out on a course.

I would recommend the Derby Festival Marathon in Louisville KY (same weekend as CMM). There are some hills at a couple of points, and one biggish one as you cross the bridge into Indiana and back. But you get to run through some pretty Louisville parks, Churchill Downs, and of course across the Ohio River. Pretty neat. Only downside is the crowd support drops off after the halfway point.

aham23 said...

those medals are sooo cool. i gotta get one so on the list it goes! later.

sRod said...

Honolulu, Flying Pig, London, and Boston. Yup, those are all on my list too.

A couple others I'm itching for:
-San Francisco (only because you run over the Golden Gate Bridge)
-Mayor's Midnight Sun Marathon

And this martian one sounds interesting.

L*I*S*A said...

Oh, and don't forget Avenue of the Giants out in northern California.

Russ said...

if you need to help your family with any convincing that a trip to berlin would be cool, let me know!!!

Tom said...

Several of us who are blogging and running the Chicago Marathon are trying to get together to meet on marathon weekend, maybe for a drink or meal. No details yet.

Let me know if you have an interest, and please feel free to tell anyone else blogging and heading to Chicago.

e-mail w comments or interest