Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Did I Mention...

...I'm anxious to get this race over? Not so much just because of the race itself...or the training for it to be over...or I'm tired of running or anything. Basically, the race marks the conclusion of a tremendously busy May for us and the start of a more leisurely summer schedule.

With two kids and their respective spring sports and end-of-the-year school events combined with the homestretch of my marathon training program, add in Mother's Day and a birthday and a suddenly busy work schedule....ugh...I'm looking forward to the "finish line" on May 26th.

My son has soccer practice twice a week. He also has baseball practice twice a week. One would think the community would schedule one season to complete before the other begins but, no, there is a three week overlap. He also takes guitar lessons each week.

My daughter has soccer twice a week.

Not to mention homework every night for my 3rd grader. Homework in third grade? I don't think I really ever had homework until high school. They make these small kids do at least a half hour of homework every night. Egad, I feel lucky to have missed this era. On top of that, they assign homework that the teacher hasn't taught yet. I've been teaching my son long division and double digit multiplication - which is part of his nightly homework - that the teacher hasn't covered in class. Now, I'm happy to help my own child with their homework BUT is it too much to ask that the teacher be the first to introduce a NEW concept to the child? I don't remember all the little rules and tricks to help a child learn. I can get the right answer but, most times, my son is looking at me like what are you doing? When I asked the teacher about this at a conference, she simply replied "well, just have him come in and ask me and I'll help". Okay, great, but meanwhile the kid feels like a loser because he has no idea how to even start his homework!!! When I suggested that maybe the kids should be shown the little tricks/rules/rhymes to solve problems in class first, she countered with "as long as they get the right answer, I don't really care how they solve it". What!?

Sorry, had to go on a diatribe there. This has been a constant thorn in our side all school year. Hopefully, things get better in fourth grade.

Anyway, after May 26th, my training schedule will lighten and will feel comfortable skipping runs again. School (and homework!) will be almost over. Soccer for both kids will be done for the spring. Only baseball will remain and those will be games only. No boring practices.

Yes, the marathon can't come soon enough. It's a symbolic ending to a long, busy month of May.

I was reminded that it ain't over yet, despite the reprieve of the taper, when my work pager started going off at midnight yesterday. Another kick-in-the-gut reminder that I still have a job that needs attention too.

Did I mention my refrigerator stopped working and all our food is piled in coolers in the middle of my kitchen floor?

How long til the 26th?

As for running, I completed 26 miles last week down from 37 the week before. Saturday's LR was about 12 2/3 miles at a 7:16 pace.

This week, runs of 5,7, and 9 miles.

Taper on!


L*I*S*A said...

And, just think...you'll get to start the training all over again for Chicago. :)

Mir said...

Wow, your son's teacher does not sound like the brightest bulb. She doesn't care how they get the answer? Hello, that's her job! That's the whole point! I hope he gets someone better in fourth grade too, for all your sakes. That's crap.

My mom is a teacher, so this and similar subjects are oft-debated when I'm home. :)